Daughter of Zion Eternally

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The Bride

Ye Olde Archival Place

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On Salvation


Daughter of Zion

Kline - Craig
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Conversion And Beyond
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Two Natures At War
A Study on Romans 7

Come My People
Isaiah 26:20 -27 all.  An exposited look at what God is saying to the Sons of God right now.

The Vineyard
A lovely place to be if you produce good vintage. 
However, the Old Testament and the New have somethings to say about the vineyard. 
A topical word study. 

Cry Loudly and Don't Hold Back
Where is the justice in the land?  What is it He will for us?  An expository look at Isaiah 58-59:19.
When He comes He comes ready to repay for deeds done, is this a good day or a bad one?
And A Redeemer Will Come Out Of Zion
The second part to Cry loudly continues the study into Isaiah 60 and 61:9
This speaks of a coming holocaust involving the Christians.
the two documents are text linked or can be viewed from here separately.

Daughter of Zion

Order Of Salvation And Doctrine Of Reprobation
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Theologically Speaking

Kingdom Things

The Tabernacle

The Teachings of Jesus

The Kingdom Of Heaven is like

What Damages the Kingly Anointing

Christ As Ransom

By Pat Cocking
Bridal Food
The Song of Solomon
This series of eight chapters gone into in-depth is as requested has been converted into ebook form for retail.   
The Path of the Song of Solomon if free for all to receive.
The Song of Songs is now available in my EBOOKS section.

Path of the Song
As I did the study and consequent rewrite on the Song of Songs I discovered a hidden truth.  This whole story speaks of the process of sanctification.  Curious?







To Be A Living Sacrifice.html

Baptism and Covenant.html

In Blood For YouThis Cup Drink

Sin's Scream



Kingdom Bridal Dressing Room

Enter in beyond the veil and take a more intimate look at the walk of the Believer.


Seeing the political arena today and a recent word from the Lord at worship to a friend of mine (see marycraig.org and goto the prophesy page then look up 2012 and goto the bottom, you will find the word there.) Within two weeks another friend called me out of the blue telling me the Lord had awaken her before her morning alarm and told her to read Amos and Habakuk. While I do also advise my readers here to read them as well. But the Lord responded over the Christmas Holiday of 2012 to do pieces on two sites. The other piece is on onespiritonelord.com read it as well. The piece there may links the New World Order to the New Age Movement. I sincerely believe that the New Age Movement is driving the New World Order. But eschatological is about Revelation. I took Daniel and Revelation as templates to show the pattern the last days. I am not an expert and i may not have it all right but i hope it clarifies the times and seasons we are in. As to rapture.... I found one. The rapture of two witnesses. How long will be here? Long enough to see the mess of the wrath of God and the coming of Antichrist, but who knows for sure but God Himself. I am told there are seven positions on this rapture bussiness. Pre trib, Mid trib, Posttrib, Premillenium, Mid millenium, Postmillenium , Amillenium. Feel free to write me if you see a real error of scripture.

Doubt Drift

A friend of mine who teaches bible studies has a saying "You Doubt you Drift and you Die". To which I add Disobey. In the interests of treating the book of Revelation in a manner that does not get me in trouble with God, I took a look at the churches. Thus I present the whole book.

King of Glory

Finally the first chapter in true first is last style. Not desiring to be leaving anything out the last book I take a brief look at Jesus Himself in the first chapter.


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