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Something every soul of humanity seeks. From the paternal safe provisional, comfort and support and encouragement of a parent to mold us as children to define and affirm us as we grow, to the life mate choices of the adult. We seek out life mate for companionship, for support, for intimacy, for a sense of belonging, and for the one covenantal command of God from the days of Eden ; to continue to multiply upon this earth. For where it not for fertile couples, humanity might cease in less than fifty years and most certainly in less than a hundred....

This is the First Paragraph. It is the story of my encounter with the Bride Groom. It has been over five years since this first "kiss". Along with the original testimony which is quite shocking is my feeble attempt to make sense of the whole encounter and what has taken place since. In Ephesians we have the portrait of the divine Union of Christ and the Bride and I have found since that wondrous day I have lived very much a life like that of my earthly marriage. No I have not lost my earthly to the Divine, for God hates DIVORCE and yes my Earthly husband understands and supports and agrees both with the concepts I struggle over and the apparent "fruit" all this has produced.

We are told in the Book of Moses to love the Lord Our God with all ALL our hearts souls and strength. Now the heart and soul are self explanitary but strength belongs to the body which takes us to Romans 12 :1-2 which tell us to offer up our BODIES as LIVING SACRIFICES. Further more In Corintheans we are told that these bodies in which we have to do are TEMPLES of the HOLY SPIRIT.

So then far be it from me to judge how the Godhead should interact with one who has many years ago vowed herself to Him and Him alone. (You would think I might not have married then wouldnt you? Tell that to my daughter of 18 years and my son of 14.... I dont thing they will listen. GRIN)

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