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The Bride

Beautiful as the sun and the moon

Terrible as a vast army

The opening of this site will previews a picture. It shows a concept picture in abstract to reflect less on the author and more on the concept of the bride. For she is both the gentle bride in her dress with a train and the Dread Warrior of whom the demons tremble. It gives a snippet of text from Song of Songs about the beauty and power of the Shulamite when leaning upon her Solomon. But it gives no other explanation.The Song of Songs has long been understood in various formats from marital to super spiritual. But it is the simple life story of one who had no place in Solomon's kingdom who in the end became his closest alley, indeed she became his wife. When at last the Shulamite learns to trust her Solomon, she is seen as vibrantly beautiful and militarily positioned and powerful. Look at the sun in its radiance and brilliance and pass the light of it through a prism. Watch the rays bend out and produce a thing of beauty. But to look to long upon the sun is to have the insides of your eyes burned out from its strength. To come to close to the sun is to be vaporized by its power.This is the duality of the mystical and hidden bride of Christ within the "church". She is when seen for whom she is; amazingly beautiful like a spectacular yet seemingly fragile bloom. For she is the lily in the valley where men sow the ground for crops. There in those fields this plant blossoms and thrives but the farmer sees her as a weed. So often, she is plucked up by the root. Still for all the abuse, she continues on. She is a mystery to all a nuisance to the farmer and a "pretty thing" to the stranger and a fragile ground cover to be trodden over by her enemies. But she is also the rose or should I say the desert saffron. There in the dessert she takes on a different guise. She is still seemingly fragile but at least she can yield a spice for cooking. Indeed her "contribution" is not seen until she is mixed in with life's grains and boiled in adversity's waters. For just as saffron will flavor and color rice so too she flavors and colors with influence all those around her in that place.She exists for the sole pleasure of the Almighty as either, an adorning lily or a flavorful saffron plant. Yet there is still another aspect in very real terms that the bride must be seen in. When in the personal presence of the "Beloved" she becomes power filled. The Father has planned all of creation and time and predestined and preordained all of the days of all who will ever be. The Son has created and continues to uphold by the Word of His Power all the splendor and wonder of the universe around us. The nature of this planet and every single joining up of a man and a woman and their various contributions to the baby are His domain. It is He who still determines what parts of what genetic codes will be linked and in what manner they will be linked to form a new body for a new soul in the earth. Finally the Spirit of Holiness sent by the Father and the Son to "be" the presence of the person of the Godhead in our hearts and to speak and work in us sustains the work till the end of its days or all days. Yet the bride plays a major part as well. For the Son established dominion and redemption of mankind in Himself in the Tree of His death on Calvary. Yet it is the bride who re asserts that authority in prayer and in power of the Spirit as a vessel and vehicle human for the continuance of the works of God in the earth.Does He need her to do this? No. Then again yes. He needs her to be His willing extension and eternal help-meet. He could do all things Himself but then where would she be? In the good old days, folks understood the Protestant catechism, which is a series of theological statements, meant to teach doctrinal truths. One question asks us why we exist and, basically, the answer is to serve and enjoy God. Now this whole thing can suddenly become a long weighty theological treatise but the ideology is quite simple. To serve God we obey God to enjoy God we love God. Duty, worship, praise, faith, knowledge of and trust in, all flow from those two basic bookends. Service in obedience then for the Bride is to take the Word and apply it wherever and whenever it needs to be applied based on the Bridegrooms will. Of course it is a given here that the Spirit always does the conjoined will of Father and Son and the Son will always do the will of the Father. We then will do the will of the Son in the earth or should I say the will of the Spirit who acts in His name. Enjoyment in both the exploration of the scriptures and the intimate experiential exploration of the person of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Thus the picture of the loved leaning on her Beloved. Standing tall and strong in Him able to agree with all He says and thus form the quorum of whenever two agree as touching anything on earth it shall be done. Whenever she agrees with Him concerning an action, plan, or continuation of anything on earth it is done. This then makes her as lovely, brilliant and illumined as the sun in the sky or as mysterious and breathtaking as the full moon on a starlit night, as well as powerful in ability as a massive army on the attack.

She is seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Eph 2:6-7) and she is a daughter of Zion because it is the Zion of Hebrews not the Old Testament. The Old Testament Zionite was Hebrew. But although this is a hebraistic site the reality of the Bride the Daughter of Zion is the definitive Zion of Hebrews the book (Heb 12:22-24) But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect, And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.

There are Two sides to the Bride who is also the Branch The Building and the Body of Christ and The CHURCH.

She is the Church Militant and Triumphant in Christ and Christ in her. She is also the Church Monastic and Secluded, hidden in Christ and Christ hiding her life which is dead from the ways of the world. She is the Church Reflective of the Glory, the hidden Kingdom of Priests offering of Thanks to God and ordering all things aright to the WORD. I have a friend who did a fabulous lesson on Martha and Mary. I have a take away of the point that in every Martha there must be time for a Mary and in every Mary there must be obedience to be a Martha.

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