Temp Tishe

From the Journal of Mary Easterling



Tishe b' Av is next week.  As i stood @ TAK i was drawn up into the second heaven and before me were uniformed men reminiscent of a cross between Nazis and Russian hussars. They advanced in ranks with pike or spears or lances pointed at me, but i understood that i was observing not participating...  Then i glanced behind me and saw people unarmed and terrified, but as I did not fully turn around, i did not see all behind me....  For suddenly there came out of nowhere angels armed to the teeth!  They took on these opponents as i again glanced back.  This time i saw backs faces to the ground in prayer.  i was made aware as i watched of people on either side of me...  we locked arms and i leaned forward looking and saw a massive line of interlocked people w/ the praying behind us...We were the wall they were the enablers and the hosts fought.  i know not the outcome as i was back in TAK... thus i have written


Tishe may be very interesting this year... Rosh may hinge on Tishe...  Prayer is in order for certain.


Again i see the battle as two massive armies clash. Shield and sword...  blood, cut5ting and being cut, killing and dying...  the offensive is pushed back against the line and we brace and press against the backs of the hosts. (wingless now thought they dropped into place) A host in front of me is taken out, leaving me face to face with a sword and no protection.  But no stroke falls on me as a new protector host replaces the fallen one. 


Now i begin to understand that we in the line are a shield for those in prayer behind us.


Prayer is most definitely called for...




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