Throne room Intimacy

Tina Dyer


11:30 PM


Dear saints,


What I share with you this night is now imbedded in my heart as one of my most beautiful times with the my bridegroom.To my amazement, it occured on Christmas night. The Lord just keeps on giving and giving of Himself.

While in a prophetic chat room , the anointing of the Lord was quite evident to all attending.

A friend of mine noted that he was in the throne room with the Lord and made a call for others to come. I simply closed my eyes and said, " Jesus, You know how much I desire this very thing"....Then as I sat at my desk, still awake, still fully functional and able to type, my eyes were opened and I began to be in two places at one time. I will try to describe the journey to the best of my ability but know that words could never do it justice.

I began to travel through space and time, through another dimension, somewhere in the heavenlies. I was aware of many different atmospheres and layers. There were formations in the air that were not shown to me just what they were.

I saw colors that intermingled and the colors themselves were ALIVE. It is most difficult to describe. But the colors seemed to have tiny lights and particles that had live within each part. They almost seemed to dance and move with grace and unity.

I then noticed many different portals. They were golden yellow in color and were different sizes and lengths. There was some type of suction within them that drew me through the clear tunnel, up and through, into another realm.

Suddenly, I lay suspended in the air as if on something. I was face down and lay prostrate.

I looked below and saw armies. They were evil armies and were gathered in different rankings. They consisted of demonic beings and there was great confusion in the camp. These armies were at different levels in the heavenlies. There was noise, metal clamoring, yelling and much fighting in the ranks. Smoke billowed forth into the air. It was hideously ugly to see.

I then became aware of someone directly behind me. I felt that it could be Jesus. My friend, who was also in the room, was also in the throne room at the same time. He saw me but I could not see him. I asked him if it was Jesus, he said " yes".

I so wanted to look at Him but was terrified. My face was buried in my hands. I wanted to see Him so desperately but felt shame. Then the most remarkable thing occured, I felt the hand of the Lord, touch my back, just as my friend said " He is touching you" occured at the exact moment in time. The others in the room marveled at how strong the anointing was. There was such an intense presence of the Lords love that was being poured out.

Then the Lord stroked my back and then held His hand on it. His hand then went INTO my back until it reached my heart. He held my heart and took away the shame.Whoa.....

Then He turned me over gently and my eyes beheld my sweet Jesus.....

Oh my word, I saw His face, I saw mind was blown. This has been my hearts cry for years and now it has come to pass. His face was in complete full expression of great joy. He threw His head back and was laughing. The amazing thing that struck me was that He never took His eyes off mine from the time I first met His glance. That is just how much in love He is with His Bride.

He took me in His arms and we embraced in such a grip that I will never forget. I never wanted that moment to end. He then began to rock me back and forth like a Father would his child. He gave me comfort like I have never known. I was aware of others that were now in great celebration. I knew that the Father had stood up and was giving His approval to Jesus although I could not see Him.

Jesus then stood and stretched forth His hand for mine. I laid my hand in His and He walked us onto the sea of glass. I was aware of angels and many witnesses who had gathered around us. I looked back at where Jesus had been sitting on His throne and to my astonishment, He was STILL THERE. He was also with me ready to dance with me. Then I remembered that He was omnipresent although somehow now seeing it in this manner, helped make it more understandable. He was still interceding day and night on behalf of the saints. What an amazing God we serve.

As we began to dance, He adorned me in a beautiful gown that was blue and green in color. It had blue and green stones as well as diamonds but was weightless. There was also gold trim and many layers of sheer fabric that flowed as we danced. Somehow, we danced like the best ballroom dancers I have ever seen. He threw me in the air and twirled me around and laughed with joy. It was so glorious. Then from above, doves were released over us. They encircled us as we danced. One dove flew into the center. It had a single rose in its mouth and it flew to Jesus. He took the rose without reverting His eyes still and gave me the rose.

Then we went into a garden which was greener than green and more beautiful than words could describe. We had a very intimate time together which I am not going to share at this time. Then I left the room and went to spend time alone with the Lord in which He showed me some things that pertained to my own family.

The experience was one that changed my entire life and I know that there is even so much more glory to be seen. I await with bated breath for the next adventure.....

What I would encourage others to do is to seek Him and His face. Hunger to know Him more. Don't seek just what His hands can provide but rather seek HIM. Surely He will hear a hunger like that.

I pray that this blessed you......

my love to you,

In Christ Jesus,

Tina Dyer



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