I Am At War

On Resurrection Sunday after church in my vehicle I received this word:
I release it now as I keep hearing the words "I'm At War"

I am at war.  I am the Lion of Judah, the root and stem of Jesse. I will roar, I will war, I will oppose those who oppose Me.  You will see it DOZ, you will participate in it.  The Nations tremble at the sound of Me.  I rode the beast of burden into My Eminent Domain, My Holy Hill, but they are blind.  They are dumb.  They are deaf.
Do you not Understand this IS the Peace Offering to the whole world?  
Every Passover, every Palm Sunday, Every time they trot out their God ...the rabbit...( This is a reference to the Easter Bunny ) They choose.
Enough I say, Enough.  
Come My people and bow the knee. Let the Nations plot ...let them roar.  I am unmoved by it all.
Let the Nations cry out to Me in vain. For I am the rejected Rock, the Holy Cornerstone which My Father laid in real time into the world.
Come My people and cry out for the Living Water and be refreshed.  Bow the knee and be ruled. Rise and walk in My Good Spirit and live.
You are the lily amongst the thorns, the gentle dove shrewd as the Serpent but harmless in appearance, My people awesome as the Army with its banners multiplied.
For yours was never the "way of the sword" politically militarily. Yours are the Weapons of War to bring down The Strongholds.  
This world is not for you to take but for you to learn obedience in.  Look beyond this world to Me ....where I Am.
I am at war.... Who stands on the Lord's side?