Come to Me:


For surely I am calling you out of the world to be set apart for such a time as this.

There is much I have to say to you regarding the hour in which you live. For many have gone forth with routines as usual and have not discerned the critical hour that is now upon you. This call is to call forth My bride to come into the secret place and abide with Me. I have longed for your company and for us to share intimate things together.

A new day is upon you. A day in which those who do not know my voice will find it diificult to stand. A day in which many things are about to occur in the land that will shake your faith if you are not grounded in Me. The day is here that you  need to choose who you will serve. For I will not have your heart divided. I am calling you to give your all. To choose Me to be Your Lord and not just your Savior. It is my mercy that is calling for you  to come back to your first love. It is My mercy that I will not allow you to keep on with business as usual. I have a great purpose in calling you to come unto Me. Many are about to witness many things with their eyes that will cause confusion and doubt. It is only by you abiding with Me that I can reveal things to comfort you. The shift has already occured in the Spiritual realm. You will soon see it in the natural with your eyes. Many will not comprehend and will fall away from the faith. These things are not naturally discerned. They are only revealed by the Spirit. Know that it is I, this day, the Lord Your God, who calls you to come.

You are about to witness many things. All that can be shaken will be shaken. All that is not of me will fall. Even those things that you considered to be strong, will fall if they are not grounded in me. Many things you will see with your eyes. Many have trusted in man to feed them the living bread. Many have a false comfort in thinking they really know Me. The time is here beloved. You will not be able to purchase oil from another to light your lamps. Come to Me. Counsel Me to buy oil for your lamps. Come to Me to be fed. Come to Me to know My voice. Come to Me to inquire of Me. Come to Me while it is still day for night is approaching quickly. Come to Me that we might share close intimacy. Come to Me for I love you. Come quickly...Come to Me......


May the Lord richly bless you all in Jesus name,



Tina Dyer

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