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A Daughter of Zion here. On my site you have seen several articles and perhaps even clipped them for your own enjoyment. On this page you will find some stuff not listed on my site because the files are just to big and frankly I need to earn me some extra income. So in conjunction with, I am selling these as ebooks. I dont have a lot but what I do have... you can enjoy.


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This is the cover page for Song of Songs.  Coverpage artwork by Rev. Jim Craig
Song of Songs

The Song of Songs is the path of soul growing up in Christ. It is a path that can be traced from the humble beginnings of the shame of the condition of the presentation of the soul, to the King of Glory, to the very last where the resplendid soul matured, cleaned, made right calls forevermore, to the intimate embrace in its place of productivity.  In the beginning the offering was insuffient, and His eyes were on the prize of the end; and in the end He had made sure and certain the vision He has seen all along came to pass, a soul that had something of Him to offer to others, and was fit for His pleasure.

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Cover page for Now That I've Got You God...  artwork by Mary Easterling
Now That I've Got You God...

When Jesus saw the fishermen His first words to them were "Follow Me...." (Mark 1:17)  He told them the course their lives would then take.. "I will make you fishers of men" But it is the first two words that I wish to explore.  "Follow Me" ,the call of the Lord to all who be His disciples is ever heard in the book He wrote, which He Himself called the word, which we call the Bible. 


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