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Borrowing from the Bard here as I am for the question applies to what to be as Spiritual verses Flesh and among the gentiles and among the Jews.

The Pentateuch or Torah speaks of the Sovereign and immutable Law, the Promises, which are conditional, and the Testimonies of those who lived in the "Kingdom". Torah in the end is all about "thy Kingdom come". Many items in the section of Levitical or priesthood or Spiritual Law are perpetual throughout the generations and so thus binding to all who are of the Kingdom. But, there are given in the New Testament seeming loopholes of grace which ought not to be frustrated. Acts the fifteenth chapter tells of a unanimous decision by the Jerusalem council of the apostles that toward the gentiles to preserve grace nothing but abstinence from fornication and eating anything with the blood in it should ever be observed. Yet, Torah law speaks of the seasons or Moed, which is commonly called the feast days. This becomes a conundrum and a bothersome puzzle very quickly for the prophets tell of the nations streaming to the great Temple in Jerusalem which is a city four square and there the three requisite mandated Feastday appearances are kept with hands having an offering of tribute worthy of the great King.

Then we have classical rabbinic Judaism adding its accumulation of knowledge to the scriptures and the Rabin begin to have their say, and such becomes the trap of the messianic Jew when faced with what Paul calls the People who are a law unto themselves. For when the gentiles begin to uphold the perpetual Laws which were once only binding to those circumcised of the flesh on the eighth day they begin to enter the Kingdom by grace and as such are not to be "touched".

For these are under Paul's Romans teaching circumcision of the heart as it is written a Jew is not one who is one outwardly whose circumcision is of the flesh but a Jew is one who is one inwardly whose circumcision is of the heart. To borrow the lyric of a recent chart topper "the heart of the matter is a matter of the heart". This is the excellent way Abba had in mind from the beginning but to the "chosen" in circumcision He gave the Torah that they may have a pattern by which to discriminate or discern Holy from Common even Unholy. For they had come from a place which mixed death and life together and called it religion and thus perverted the nature of the Almighty. Therefore, the Torah came to provide guidelines to show openly without question and clearly, what was death and what was life that they might unerringly choose life!

Yet Torah also set the standard of the protocols of the Kingdom of Heaven where God's way of doing things hold absolute sway. Torah reflects forward to a "tree" or "cross" on the mount where it should be provided. Torah further reflects forward to the unveiling of the Kingdom of God among men in the great city where the Lamb is. Though unless major Rhema and accurate Logos are given we who would be prophetic by nature ought to do well to err if we err in favor of the Logos of God and allow for grace to have His way among us.

For this reason was Galatians given to the gentiles and the Jerusalem council decision handed down by the Holy Spirit's approval for is it also not written that this decision seemed "good" also to the Holy Spirit? Yet the hour is come and is now here when the Old ways will begin to be enforced in all the household of faith but they will be enforced according to the whole counsel of God as found first in the written revelation and then expounded upon in the Apostolic and Prophetic of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. For it is upon the foundation of the Old Testament Prophets and the First Apostles that, the entire counsel of God in its written format is given unto man. This however does not exclude the latter day Prophets and Apostles who will begin to preach the kingdom and enforce its laws among both Jew and gentile.

The Day of the vengeance of my God has begun to dawn and the word is getting out that the Gentile church has slept far to long and not kept that which was commanded the household of the faith from the beginning, and this is good. But let not anyone of the sons of Abraham come unto us now to tell us the way based on teaching other than scriptures and that expounded on by the Spirit who authored it in the hands of men he chose to reveal it through.

The Passover will be upon us soon and the calendar flips in the spiritual to the rabbinic year 5761 or the Gregorian year 2001 and as the feast of Pentecost comes upon us this year let us be prepared for the outpouring of a latter rain such as we have never experienced. Yet concerning the sons of God in Jesus who are uncircumcised of the flesh and will eat the Passover, if the heart has been circumcised through the regeneration of the blood and the washing of the water with the Word then you may eat the Passover according to Levitical Law. Yet and still, the table should be made available even to the unbeliever if he is willing to reverence the Lord. For is it not written in the Megillah of the four sons that one had no idea what to say? That one may well be a guest among you and outside the faith and for him it tells us to give an explanation. Is it also not written somewhere in scripture that we are to give and account with all humbleness for the faith which we posses in Christ Jesus?

Then let no man trouble the Sons of God in Christ as they search diligently to know what is the will of God concerning the Kingdom to come.

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