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A Daughter of Zion


Tabernacle Work Of God


Exodus 31

God speaks to the leader (Moses) of the "project" (building of The Tabernacle) and places His Spirit upon two other men to oversee along with Moses the details. But those men were not with Moses on the mountain. They didnt have to be. God in pouring our His Spirit in Wisdom and workmanship or Craftsmanship in all kinds of materials and certain disciplines also poured out His Vision.

The Lesson here is:

When you have a real work of God He Himself will appoint and anoint and give His Vision to those whom He chooses for His work. This "vision" will rest on the first called and all the others will come into agreement with it. By the way, this is the sort of thing tat passes the "fire test" at the last judgement and yields true rewards.

Think about it


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