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To Rise and Shine


To rise and shine with the Glory of the LORD upon us we first have to have that partaking relationship that testifies to intimate knowledge of the Son of God.  In the pastoral prayer of john 17 Jesus says This is eternal Life that they know you the One True and living God and Jesus Christ Whom You have sent.  Paul later addresses this issue to know Him by being seated with Him in Heavenly places (Ephesians 1st chapter) which Jesus back in John 17 also prayed for.  That we might be with Him where He is! Where He is in those “heavenly places”. 

Jesus spoke of a creation “prosperity” in His sermon on the mount.  In Matt after the Beatitudes He talks about things not to be worried over.  The old saw of what’s for dinner what’s ion the clothes closet and what’s in the bank are “goyim sought” things.  God’s children ought to know that God Himself will put “dinner” in the pot and the appropriate suit in the closet and the bank will always have at least enough to pay the bills unless faith is being stretched to greater heights.  “No”, Jesus Says, “ seek the kingdom of heaven and His righteousness first and then all these “things” will be added to you. Luke defines the Kingdom for us in Acts.  Righteousness Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit.  This we seek first.  With this we seek the His Righteousness, which is Christ.

In the Old Testament the prophet wrote of the need to “follow on to know the LORD”. This was what Jesus spoke of in His prayer this is what Paul alludes to in Ephesians.  But sadly we don’t follow on or seek first or live as those seated thusly.  Are we so assured of this eternal life that we are bored of the idea of knowing God up close personal and in our faces?  Some of us develop and taste for these things and when in their zeal they share this “Glory” with others they are ostracized and silenced.  Others more prudent than zealous live the double lie. They have the Glory in personal lives and they keep it a well-guarded safe haven and the rest never see and enter in as they did.  They are hypocrites in one sense and following wisdom in the other.  We are told to guard our “hearts” because we have to.  But we are supposed to guard it from evil out in the world not tongues wagging in the house.

Some of us I suppose cannot fathom such an existence that it is to boring or to sacrificial for them that the price in to high and they finally are loath to pay it.  It is a high price for a high height.  It is boring to those who have not His spirit in them.  It is boring to those whose mind is set on the earthy and not the heavenly.  Who have yet to become tired with the noise and hustle and the tinsel of the nations and the market place.  The poor want the rich spend and want more.  But none of this compares with one moment in His presence as a true and living reality!  We fail to realize in our earth bound condition that the realm of the KING of GLORY is all around us and the sound of His voice is ever constant moment to moment for eternity past present and future, to put it in linear terms of time.  We believe that what we see is the reality we live in but in actually our reality is no more than a momentary passing thought in His reality.  Our reality came into being from His reality so whose reality is the real one

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