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A Daughter of Zion


The Nazaritic Connection: How God Keeps His Law In Improbable Situations.

Consider two Nazarites that are known in Scripture; Samson and Samuel.

Samson is a Judge in the time of the Judges and his purpose is to deliver Israel from the Philistines.

His actions of having his father go get a certain lady from the Philistines to be his wife actually break the commandment that Israelis were not to take foreign wives for their sons. Yet God is purposefully doing this to provoke confrontation. That union is very short loved and as we know of it there is no child even of it. She is actually handed over to a friend of Sampson.

His understandable ire over all that has ensued from a riddle being sussed out of his woman by bullying on the part of her people, to her being handed to another gives rise to his burning down the crops of the enemy. But what was that riddle? Out of the Eater came something to eat and out of the Strong came Sweet.

Sampson had a little secret. He had felled a lion and upon passing by he had taken a moment to look on the carcass. Low and behold a honey nest with bees is in the animal's body. Now Sampson is NOT to defile himself for the dead but his is a GOD MANDATED Life Long vow. No razor may EVER pass over His head. But he is defiled.

But this is the time of the Judges... this Law has yet to be given so there is no issue of defilement. However consider that after his wife is taken that he again goes after the Philistine ladies and has an affair with one Delilah. His Delilah is his temporary downfall. Stripped of his locks he is made to grind away in the dark for a period of time long enough for his hair to once again grow out. Now he can resume his vow. Notice to that as according to Law as yet given He is shaved for his "defilement" but just as according to law that vow can be resumed, so then is his. It is written that thia last act of his service to God took down more Philistines than in the whole of his life inclusing the episode of the felling of the enemy with the jawbone of a donkey.

(Look up a picture of the lower jawbone of a donkey and discover the formidable weapon that it is.)

Next we look at Samuel.

Samuel is an Ephraimite. He is of Joseph's split Tribe. He is NOT a Levite and yet because of the vow of a woman he is serving life long in Temple and at one point sleeping either near the Ark or on that side of the curtain... which is prohibitted. He has no bussiness being anywhere in service to God but that his mother had vowed that NO RAZOR would ever PASS OVER HIS HEAD. Samuel will rise to be the transitional Judge ushering in the schools of the Prophets whereby the Word of the Lord now multiplies.

This Nazaritic vow is a whole consecration of the individual to God and they are completely set aside from all thigns to "be" His until the time of that vow ends. One charactaristic of the vow is the abstainance from the "blood of the grape" by which we celebrate the Communion as the Blood of Jesus Christ. No Nazarite could ever actually take that Sacrament.

But because it is a total holy consecration of the individual to God for a reason whether by election of the individual as a vow unto God for something in return or a calling of God it stands out and separates the individual so involved to the point that they seem almost "beyond the Law".

Think about it


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