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It "be" a Jewish Thing

The Message Of The Cross In The Wilderness Part Two


When the camp breaks there is a specific order in which they muster. Number 10:14-28

Judah breaks camp first followed by Issachar then Zebulun, which comprise the Camp of Judah. Now the Tabernacle Complex is dismantled according to the Law with the Interior Tent protion being packed and covered by the Priests themselves. Meanwhile the tent covers and boards sockets and posts are packed onto the wagons provided and Gershom and Merari whose job it is to tote all this set out.

Next Reuben sets out followed by Simeon and Gadwhich comprise the Camp of Reuben. At this point we find the Kohath toting the furnishings of the Tabernacle Complex following. At the other end where camp is to resume the previous group will be setting up the shelter, so that will remain is for them to being each item in so the Priests can uncover them after they leave the interior Tent. There is no prohibition of entering the Tent to put the covered items in place apparently but they cannot go in to cover those items upon leaving camp. Elsewise one would suppose that they leave the items just outside the Tent proper and let the Priests situate each item within. This includes the Ark Of The Covenant.

Next comes Ephraim followed by Manasseh and Benjamin, which comprise the Camp of Ephraim. It may be supposed that the Priest and Moses are traveling with the Kohathites so that they can place everything in place and uncover it also setting up the Veil.

I have to wonder is in some form there is not still the Cross moving along. However there is one thing.... In battle that covered box goes forth ahead of all warriors, to strike terro into their enemies.

Because "it be a Jewish thing"