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I have a friend who taught on the subject of Martha and Mary in a bible study. Her take away point for me was that all of us in the Body Of Christ should not strive to be JUST a Martha who serves, or a Mary who sits at the feet but to be BOTH.

Mary "chose" the good portion (Lk 10:42) which would not be "taken away" from her. That "Good Portion" was to sit at the feet of Messiah and "hear" Him. She would be the one at a later date who anointed Jesus in a most spectacular way for His burial and in the process ruined herself reputationally perhaps and financially, most likely. (Jn 12:1-8)

Martha had become "upset" because her sister Mary had left off the "work" to "sit and listen". But Jesus chidea Martha and does not remove Mary from her place at His feet to "serve" in fact He seems to feel that Martha needed not to do so much. (Lk 10: 38- 42) Folks quite often take sides. Martha-ites serve. Getting the Gospel out and doing the "Social Justice" work of ministering to the community. Herein do we find the Church Militant.

This Church Militant is NOT the Crusades! It is NOT blowing up abortion clinics or harrassing people with "Word of God". Its NOT Bible Thumping and forcing the Kingdom.

No The Martha side of the Bride which on this site is the Sword plunged into the Earth and this Church Militant is coming with the Gospel message to those for whom it is to be recieved. Bringing with the Gospel the Bible and with the Bible things like reading or even translation of Scripture into the "lingua franca" or Local Language and in some cases creating a written form to an Oral Only Language so the people who come to Jesus can read His Words. This fosters education, literacy, a form of "law" thus, "lawfulness" true Justice and Mercy. In many cases with education comes improvement of living standards and medical help for the sick.

This in accord with OT Law (Ex 22:21-24; Lev 19:34; 25:35 ; Psa 72:12-13; Isa 1:17) and NT Epistles regarding "pure religion" (Jas 1:27)

Martha DOES the work of God raising up the weak and oppressed. Listening to the cry of the downtrodden and striving to raise them up. Her hands handle the distaff... they give. (Prov 31:19-20) She is Proverbs virtuous Wife. She improves her family in apparel against the cold of winter, in bringing in her own income from work she sells and from the proceeds a portion goes to a Vineyard that also adds to the prosperity of her household. She is billed as Superwoman for the "Lamp" never goes out at night. But our real world Martha burned out didnt she?

The Church Militant and the Service oriented Believer will eventually lose its way or path that God has ordained it to go. Taking on more and more to do in the seemingly endless cries of the world to "raise it up". Wars and madness have ensued when the Church Militant and the Service Oriented Believer failed to set the proper boundaries and become and irritable Martha bleating in Jesus ear over the Mary in the midst who never does a thing!


But Mary it tucked away. Mary is the Church Secluded, the Believer on retreat or in hermitage away from the cries for help. Mary is absorbed with the "One Thing" which is serving Jesus alone. Mary by listening at His feet is actually ascribing to the LORD the "glory due His name" by considering Him WORTHY to be heard. She should be serving alongside Martha whom Jesus says in Lk 10:41 that she is careful and troubled by "many things". Lk 10:40 tells us she was indeed "Encumbered about much serving" but Mary chose the "Good Portion" and only "One thing was truly needful". In the picture she is the Roses with Bridal Veil. She is Priest offering up sacrifices of Thanks giving (Not the Turkey but the "Thank you-s") and thus glorifying God (Psa 50:23) and also she is ordering her ways and being shown His salvation.

It is vitally important that the Believer have a time and place to "come away" and "come alone" to "receive and hear and be at the feet". When Jesus is there only a Mary will do and the worship is the ONE THING Truly Needed.


This Monastic trend of worship and prayer and tarrying at the feet doesnt Do for God at all but without this "Good Portion" and hearing His Word, when Mary takes on the Martha role how will she "serve"?

The Church Monastic or Secluded or Set Apart IS the Right and Good Portion! For indeed we are CALLED out of the world and SET APART from it and told to STAY APART. Yet we are also told to go out in it and DO the WORK as Church Militant who destroys the works of Darkness by bringing the Gospel and with it all the above mentioned social justice and life improvements. So how on God green Earth does THAT WORK???!!!



The Believers must start as Marys, choosing the Good Portion of Worship and Study of the WORD so that it goes down deep to where they live inside. The Church must set aside the time to "Come Together" to Together "Come Away" and "Come Corporately" to Give "Worth-ship" to the WORD. To hear it and let it by the Power of the Holy Spirit WORK in them. To make clean from DEAD WORKS and UNRIGHTEOUSNESS the Church so that when she goes out as a Martha she is Pure and Undefiled as James expected.

But the Mary must then GO. Go and Tell. Go and Demonstrate. Go and Preach the Gospel. Go and MAKE DICIPLES of the Nations. Or as the Greek puts it, GO and as Mary now a Martha GOES she WILL make disciples of the Nations and do all that the Commandments of Jesus and the OT Law of serving the "world" into which she is sent as Church Militant. There the Dead Unprofitable Works of Darkness will BE DESTROYED.

For each time we "come away" and "come alone" we will hear a "GO now" and to that end we MUST Obey.

Think about it!


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