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A Daughter of Zion


Law Covenant And Christendom

Where does the Law begin? With Moses? Or does it begin with the Inception of the Covenant? Even Moses ties the law to the Covenant which God made with Abraham.
Within the whole LAW was Temple law and Casuitic law along with the Decalogue containing Ordinances and Statutes forming the boundaries and basis of behavior before God, toward God, and toward men. This is the way those in the Covenant will live and not die. We call this the Covenant according to Works.

This form of the Covenant starts in Eden with Adam who failed to keep it. After the Great Flood it resumed in Noah and from Noah's bloodline comes Abram, AKA Abraham, who receives a commandment that the foreskin of his member be cut in a ritual called circumcision. While this is somewhat different from the law of Moses because it is not as formal and not enough to govern a Nation, this is still Law and the Inception or continuation of The Covenant. The Hebrew race was established with the Law under the Covenant by works in order to be a witness to all the nations of the existence of the Almighty, but when the Almighty came in flesh in the person of Jesus the Nazarene, the Christ of God, they failed to discern the time of their visitation and rejected the Holy Stone, their God, their father, Creator had laid in Zion. In accordance with the law Moses, Jesus himself becomes a Son of Commandments through bar mitzvah at the appropriate age and does not fail to be the witness to the world and keep the whole law perfectly, personally, perpetually. On the 8th day of his birth he was also circumsized in his body.

In the Temple there is a rope. It is to keep out women who's monthly cycle is seen as defilement, who are considered the downfall of Adam, and those who are not circumsized in flesh. In the New Testament we are told that a Jew is not one who is a Jew outwardly, but one who is inwardly circumsized of the heart; meaning in thought and intent there is a cutting away of the mind set on the flesh and friendship with the world so that there may be a mind set on the things of the Spirit that may be pleasing to God, the Almighty.
This may be seen as the crux, as the epicenter, of the Covenant which is perfected in Christ under His works and through His body and blood sacrifice.
This is extended to those for whom He died, those chosen before the foundation of the Cosmos to be in Covenant by grace yet circumsized within holy pure, blameless.

Think about it.

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