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A Daughter of Zion


King as man and God among us


Isaiah 9:6-7

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be call Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince Of Peace. And the increase of his government and of peace there shall be no end, and upon the throne of David and upon his kingdom, to establish it with justice and with righteousness from henceforth and even forever. The zeal of the LORD of HOSTS will perform this.

This is a woman who gives birth after being overshadowed by God Himself and whose child will be the offspring of the Holy Spirit and considered Holy. Yet He will drink the vintage blood of the of grape so this is NOT a Nazaritic vow as so many might suppose. But this is God. This child will be in a class all by Himself.

First off He is God visiting His people and the Nation He had so long ago called out from amongst the Nations of the planet to be His Demonstration People. He has seen the failing of the Priesthood which arguably might be by this time actually mainly illegitamite. It is also argued that the Ark might not even be in the Holy of Holies by this time as it was secreted away in Jeremiah's day. There is a cryptic statement written that speaks to the efficacy of Jesus work in Jer 3:16 And it shall come to pass, when you are multiplied and increased in the land, in those days, says the LORD, they shall say no longer, The Ark of The Covenant of The LORD: neither shall it come to mind; neither shall they remember it; neither shall they miss it; neither shall it made anymore. Moreover there is tradition from the Maccabean revolt that as reward the house of the Maccabees attained the Bought Right of High Priest. 'We do know that God had removed Ely's house from the running and in David's day the slaughter at Tob by Doeg removed even more priests and that it changed from Levitical to Zadokian. But by the time of Jesus not only was the priesthood and Temple a mess but so was the legitimacy of National Sovereignty.

By the time of His birth Israel wanted a King of Glory on White Charger ready to trounce Rome and the Edomite King in Judah, and establish the Soverignty of a Nation's glory. God however had other plans.

Still and all... whoever filled this spot would be hailed as The King Of The Jews. By inference a blooded Davidic KING.

In Matthew we find this record. This is the patronage of Jesus the man according to bloodline.

  1. Abraham
  2. Isaac
  3. Jacob
  4. Judah 
  5. Perez
  6. Hezron
  7. Ram
  8. Amminadab
  9. Nahshon
  10. Salmon 
  11. Boaz
  12. Obed
  13. Jesse
  14. David
  15. Solomon
  16. Rehoboam
  17. Abijah
  18. Asa
  19. Jehoshaphat
  20. Jehoram
  21. Ahaziah (Uzziah)
  22. Jotham
  23. Ahaz
  24. Hezekiah
  25. Manasseh
  26. Amon
  27. Josiah renamed Jehoiakim
  28. Jeconiah aka Coniah, aka, Jehoiachin of whom it is said Let him be recorded childless. Due to the curse levied on him for his addition to the sins of Manasseh.
  29. Shealtiel born in captivity in Babylon.
  30. Zerubbabel who is named a Governor ... not a King according to the curse levied on Jechoniah>
  31. Abiud
  32. Eliakim
  33. Azor
  34. Zadok
  35. Achim
  36. Eliud
  37. Eleazar
  38. Matthan
  39. Jacob
  40. Joseph

In Luke we find this recorded. This then is the Matronage of Jesus.

  1. God
  2. Adam
  3. Seth
  4. Enos
  5. Cainan
  6. Mahalalel
  7. Jared
  8. Enoch
  9. Mathuseleh
  10. Lamech
  11. Noah
  12. Shem
  13. Arphaxad
  14. Kenan
  15. Shelah
  16. Heber
  17. Peleg
  18. Reu
  19. Serug
  20. Nahor
  21. Terah
  22. Abraham
  23. Isaac
  24. Jacob
  25. Judah
  26. Perez
  27. Hezron
  28. Ram
  29. Amminadab
  30. Naashon
  31. Salmon
  32. Boaz
  33. Obed
  34. Jesse
  35. David
  36. Nathan the second son of David by Bethsheba (Not the direct line but the "spare" to the heir and thus in the Lineage and eligble to rule.)
  37. Mattatha
  38. Menan
  39. Melea
  40. Eliakim
  41. Jonam
  42. Joseph
  43. Judah
  44. Simeon
  45. Levi
  46. Matthat
  47. Jorim
  48. Eliezer
  49. Jose
  50. Er
  51. Elmodam
  52. Cosam
  53. Addi
  54. Melchi
  55. Neri
  56. Salathiel
  57. Zorobabel
  58. Rhesa
  59. Joannan
  60. Juda
  61. Joseph
  62. Semei
  63. Mattathias
  64. Maath
  65. Nagge
  66. Esli
  67. Naum
  68. Amos
  69. Mattathias
  70. Joseph
  71. Jannai
  72. Melchi
  73. Levi
  74. Matthat
  75. Heli
  76. Mary or Miriam wife of Joseph

I have corrected the last entry to properly record the lineage as Mary's. Commonly the male name is listed twice as is custom even if it is a Matirarchal line.

In this line we see the second son of David who never actually sat to reign but being the "spare to the heir" like Harry is to William of England, he is eligable to rule just not in the direct ruling lineage. Also because it is the second son who never "sinned" in rule, there is no curse levied on any of her descendants. This is the "spare bloodline" that is just as Eligable to rule and being as it is directly through both the same mother and father as the actual line of Joseph that did reign this is a viable and recognizable lineage of a blooded Royal in Israel, making Jesus of Judah the "One to whom "It" belongs" ... it being the Scepter of the Rule of Judah as the Preeminent Tribe.

It was common record. Everyone who knew the lineage when He was recorded and brissed at age 8 days, knew it. The Magi knew it. But Israel who wanted a Royal Cue, never realized how much more this King would be.

For to undo the curse a woman would have to conceive straight from the Power of God or the Holy Spirit and carry to term with a man who had to be told in a dream to accept both mother and child, and enter into Scriptural history as forever blessed among women.

Let us see this factoid but not lose sight that on that night in question. The Angelic Host and its Herald who had informed the mother of her role in this blessed affair, showed up in force to Sing The Glory of the LORD now humbled into the body of a man. Taking unto Himself our humanity that we might be forever ransomed from the wrath to come. Redeem us from our fallen Estate Of Sin and Misery. Destroy the works of darkness. Disarm and strip Principalities and Powers from the Cross making an open spectacle of it and in that a open triumph.

He is then God's perfect man, man's perfect God, Highpriest of our confession of His faith and profession of His lordship, AND Israel's Rightful King.

Consider this day the gift of God and lest you take it lightly ... consider.


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