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The Daughter Of Zion

Heart Of A God Appointed Leader


Exodus 33:19

Moses has asked to see God's glory and God has relented to show Moses, from behind. But it is the statement God makes in part band c of this verse that I am looking at here.

"I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious to and I will show compassion on whom I will show compassion."

Now this is a statement of Sovereignty if ever there were one. God will do as He pleases to whom He pleases and for what ever reason He pleases. We ought to be grateful He is a GRACIOUS GOD. Those words Gracious and Compassionate show us the innate nature of God who can also withhold from us whenever He intends. So if we think we can manipulate Him into doing our will... guess again. No rather we need to be very careful of how we react to His will. Murmuring and complaining brought much hardship to Israel in the wilderness. Being thankful always is the mandate of Scripture. In all things with thanksgiving we make our requests know. We count it all joy when the trials come. It is never easy especially when trials seem to come one right after the other but if we cultivate heartfelt gratitude, God is pleased.

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