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Guilty As Sin But Pardoned/ Forgiven Pt 3

What God Has Provided

When last we looked, we saw that there were three major areas that dealth with sin.

Sin, tresspass, guilt.

Jesus takes the place the bull the lamb and the goat for priesthood leadership and individual. But HOW does He do this? What is the actual legality being answered to in a new and living way? Two words come to mind here. They are: Expiation and Propitiation. My minister friend would call those two words "SAT words" because they are so fancy.

But what are they really?

Propitiation has to do with appeasing God as part of the atonement work of Christ.
Pagan dieties the world over are offered sacrifices fo that which the offerer considers most precious and most valuable and vital to their existece in an attempt to bring blessings to bear on those things which make for survival and even comfort and sucess. Jesus is both sacrifice and offerer of same. That which is most prized is His life and His blood.
(1 Jn 1:7, 2:2, 4:10Rom 3:25, 5:8-9, 1 Cor 5:18, Heb 2:17)

Expiation is not appeasement but reparation of offense. It however is also factored in Atonement. The pagan offerer often also gave up things like a life in exchange for offending the diety.
Jesus is Himself that which remedies the offenses of the human race and of Israel.
(Rom 5:8)


But true Atonement goes way beyond that and we as Believers quite often fail to realize all that it takes to satisfy legal demands.

A study of the Law of Moses would yeild the concept of obedience to the spirit of the law. The spirit is bound into Statutes which are final and unyeilding; Ordinances which is the final verdict of Sanhedrin Judges in legal cases as Statute and Commandment are applied to legal issues. The Law Itself or Torah which is overarching and contains both Statutes and Commandments alongside Ordinances. Statute and Commandment in the Law are called Apoditic law. They are absolute pronouncements. Commandments are mitzvah in the Hebrew and for those who have been in Jewish circles they talk about doing Mitzvah or good works for possible merit. But this is sort of how that works. This all comes under the Covenant of WORKS (DO these and LIVE) But in Christ there is a better way:

Now how does this at all apply to the legal work of Jesus? Simply this:

BELIEVE in Him and LIVE.

Why Jesus?

He is born a first born male into and under the Toral Law of Moses and had to keep every Commandment Statute and Ordinance applied to Torah Law. But He had to keep it CORRECTLY and CONTINUOUSLY in His PERSONAL life which then stemmed into His public life.

It all boils down to Obedience and Loyalty under the Law.

Jesus was not one born with iniquity so the desire to rebel against God or Torah Law would never occur to Him but that is not to say that Satan and life did not try Him to the empth degree. He was tested tempted tried and in many ways there might even be considered to be torment of sorts in His person. Because of who He is the sin in the world and in those around Him and the daily care of His own had to be a weight and perhaps its own torment for Him at times. (Of course the concept of His feeling that as torment is purely speculative on my part.) Yet Hebrews tells us He was tempted in all points even as we are and yet He overcame.(Heb 4:15) Still and al,l not only did He have to personally perpetually perfectly keep every commandment but also fulfill and satisfy every commandment the nation had imperfectly kept. For instance the 40 days. Those were a day for each year of Israel's penalty of the sin of UNBELIEF. When they did not believe in God to be their shield buckler and exceeding great reward and go immdeiately and possess the land as the two spies advised they do, there was a whole generation taken. But there was a new generation raised up under the Sins of the Fathers. That blockage to God blessing had to be satisfied by the fast. When the tempter came to have Jesus do of His own volition that which was prohibitted like turning the stone into bread, which Jesus as God could have done, but God had not permitted or ordered, Jesus flatly refused. Lets be clear here .... 40 days as like Moses without food or water... as far as we know .... without water... is a long time and the man had to be in starvation mode. Protien deficient and all. That bread for us would have been to much. But Jesus was NEVER inclined to go against that will of "the Son can do nothing of Himself". Not only then must Law be kept but He must Personally Perpetually Perfectly yeild His ENTIRE will to that of His Father, His God. He being a child of the HOLY SPIRIT. In ALL His days on earth He had to yeild fully and perfectly. It is a balance only He would ever achieve.

Moreover, bound into the Books of Moses was Priestly or Levitical Law. Lest we forget that Jesus is HIGH PRIEST of this our confession of faith (Heb 3:1) He must also fulfill Levitical Law wherein applicable to a Rabbi. But there is a difference between the Code of the Law and the Traditions or Fences of the Elders and Sanhedrin added to it. Those He dismissed but the code of the Law in its spirit He kept. For instance He healed on Sabbath which might be seen as prohibbited but He makes the case of an animal fallen into a ditch on Sabbath and that it was LAWFUL to bring it out even thought technically that contitutes voilating Sabbath by doing common labor. He being God saw no difference in a woman bent over or a man with withered hand from an animal in need of relief. Man and Animal are His CREATION. Also the code of worship and how He went about it, in communing prayer as often as possible, and in attendence of the feasts with requisite offering as a SON OF THE LAW. (When a young jewish male attains to Bar Mitzvah he automatically becomes a Son of the LAW. All of Torah is now instantly binding to him.) If you read Torah you realize the trap set here because the system in use that enabled the keeping of that Law is no longer able to able to be employed or used. (Temple Priests and sacrificial system) But because Jesus both Expiates and Propitiates in Atonment for those for whom He was sent to die for, (Doctrine of Election-  Isaiah 55:8-9; Matthew 11:27; John 6:44; Romans 8:29-30; Romans 9:15-16, Romans 11:2 and 5-7, ! Cor 2:7, Ephesians 1:5-11 and 2:1; 1Pet 1:2 ), He removes that trap. Yet are we free of the Law? Yes and no. Yes in the casuistic Statuatory Commandment and Ordinance intended to govern the Nation but no in that the Decalogue of Moses written on stone, those Core Commandments of God that are perpetual or the Moral Law (Ten Commandments) are still binding to every being on the face of the Earth today. More so to every believer, but within us is His Good Spirit who enables us to keep that Moral Law and that which Jesus also give that we are to love one another in the Body Of Christ.

Every point that is broken of Israel Jesus fulfills. Every burnt offering, sin offering, guilt offering; Jesus is both offerer and offering in one. Every peace offering, thank offering, votive offering, freewill offering is also bound in Jesus in His birth, humiliations, life, and most especially the two trials that He stood in our place as condemed. Condemned in our place under Torah Aprodidic (those regulations in the form of Divine Commands) and Casuistic or As ruled by Sanhedrin of application of Aprodidic law to cases. He does not however redeem from Sins of a HIGH HAND or APOSTACY. Like Satan himself who committed the sin of the high hand and apostasized for whom there is no way back.

Folks this is about getting Back to the Father.

The thing with Law is this that atonement is done in the most precious commodity to God, BLOOD.

Pagans understood appeasement to gods in blood for blessings in things beyond their control like seasonal weather or the land and its yields of crop and grazing or for protection from predatory animals. It has to beg the question that how do they understand that blood is the precious commodity gods (no gods) accept. For it written that without the shedding of Blood there is NO REMISSION (expiatory) for sin. No reparation for the offense that sin is. Moreover thought He is in human flesh and thoroughly man as if He were not God, He is also thoroughly God as if He were not man. So because of who this "man", hanging and bleeding, is; His is the most PRECIOUS COMMODITY ON EARTH. His blood and body sacrifice is only valid because of the life the One Righteous Act that He performed while on Earth. Wherein Adam the Federal Head of humanity failed by listening to another wisdom, Jesus the Federal head of Redeemed Humanity succeeds. If you look at the various temptations you see the shadow of the past stretching long into His present.

Moreover He is also The Prophet of whom the entirety of Scripture is written. He must fulfill every prophesy that applies to that temporal window of time in His existence wherein He is on Earth. For He comes again, and of this there is a lot of prophesy left to be fulfilled, hence applicable to that time and function.

For not only does He satisfy the Law broken and make the ammends for all the insult caused but He stands in our stead in Sanhedrin to be accused of all that we have done. But He did none of what false accusation says He did. We however, have and those of the day had, done. When He stand before the civil court as seditionist amongst other things He again makes no defense but is mute. He does not commit these things but we do and they did and the SINS OF THE FATHERS as well. For us He receives the accusation and punishment tacitly. But when the charge of blasphemy is levied there He reveals who He is to His own who instantly reject Him. Their charge of crucifixion for His "sin" is their rejection of Him in completion.

It is said that for the forty years after His passing resurrection and assension that things happened in the Temple precincts .... signs in the sky and other things that spelled out those who could understand them that He was their Savior. In the end the whole order they had fought so hard to keep was taken away by Rome. Pagans came and reduce Temple to a smouldering pile. For there was in Jesus mouth out and out words about "something greater" amongst them. For He is the Mediator of a BETTER WAY.

The Covenant begun in Genesis 3:15 never changed but how you kept it did. On God's part the Covenant was for His keeping of His own. On the Old Testament part it was "Do this and live". A law of things you had to do and not do was the Covenant by WORKS under LAW. Now in Christ we have the Covenant by GRACE, the LAW fulfilled in Himself.

So Jesus is in the totality of His life and Sacrifice, as validated by the Resurrection, The Propitiation and Expiation for Sin Transgression and Tresspass. But there is more.

There is the fact that Sin Alienates us from The Father and as I said, it is all about getting back to The Father. But there is also the Redemptive Element and Destruction of the Dominion of Satan.

We will look at these next time..

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