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A Daughter of Zion


Guilty As Sin But Forgiven/Pardoned

Part One Guilty As Sin


We must all first off do our first step and say to ourselves that we have a problem. That problem is that we are GUILTY AS SIN.

Having admitted this we now consider what that means.

What is sin? How might we commonly define it?

You are in a hurry and your foot begins to get that heavy leaden feeling, sinking down onto the gas pedal and the vehicle goes faster and faster. You think "ahh I will make it on time after all" and then the unthinkable happens. Your rear view mirror (if you have one otherwise your side view mirrors or the honk behind you) lights up with in the United States an all to familiar red and blue glow in alterating colors, signifying that you are going to be a lot later than you intended and a lot poorer come payday for it. "You were clocked doing.... in a .... zone" says the uniformed waist. (Really you pretty much only see the waist till they bend down for the licence, registation and proof of insurance.) After what seems like an eternity while you are sobbing inside or maybe even outside too, a hand reaches in hand you back your stuff and a ticket. 
You wont dare dispute it.... you know you sped.

This is a Transgression. You broke a law.


The sign says "No Tresspassing" and there is police tape cordoning off a seemingly perfectly good section of sidewalk. It looks green hardened even the though the pouring slats are still in place. You look ahead to the person you are meeting and to go around this seems ridiculous to you. Workmen are present elsewhere pouring sidewalk adjacent to this but surely you can traverse this cordoned off section, can't you? Here you are all dressed up with a nice dress (nice and expensive dress not bought at Ross) Prada shoes in the latest thing in stilletto. The hair the makeup the matching handbag clutch. You are a sight to behold and the person you are meeting is actually starting to give you the once over. That person indicates for you to just come on through. You lift the tape and start onto the prohibited walkway. One of the workmen looks in your direction and starts yelling at you. You ignore the gracious warning. So on you go one step and two and so on. You get about halfway through and the person you are meeting is texting you now. You are busy with the text and fail to note the slight but definate change in the color of the cement. Step... thump and squish. Your foot slips into freshly poured slightly hardening cement and as the heel hit the bottom the stilletto sticks hard and fast into the "ground". You stumble, the phone pitches from your hands into the cement, your forward momentum from the hurried pace causes you to start to fall forward. The other nicely shod foot sinks into the cement as the foot in the stuck shoe lifts out. but you cant lift from the cement and replant that foot fast enough, so down you go. Headlong into the cement walkway. Your hand shoot forward and the clutch ditches into the cement. Your hands prevent your face from being buried but the nice jewlery on the right wrist comes undone. Splayed out like a walrus on the beach, feeling like a great beached whale, face beet red with humiliation, and the pain of the fall, kicks in (hardening cement may give way but it is still... cement) Amgry construction workers are yelling at you calling you all sorts of derogative things and another voice pipes up in your defence. Now the mortification of your outing is complete! Its the person you were going to meet up with, gallantly defending your honor. You are lifted up and you cry out that your clutch and cell phone are still in the ever hardening cement ..... not to mention both shoes. You are told that they are going to stay there. Noone will be fishing around in hardening cement in fact they will be scooping out some and making a patch repour. Because this is a job site you are made to sign a form releasing the work crew from liability. You are made to go into an ambulance to the local E R, which your insurance doesnt cover. You never heard from that person again because of the ensuing altercation between him or her and one of the fiestier crewmen that got out of hand. They are also going to E R.
You now have no wallet, Driver's License, credit or debit card, ID insurance and other irreplaceable things or replaceable, but with the hassle to get replacements. You cant drive anywhere until you pay for a new key fob for your car. That very expensive dress.... ruined, and the shoes are in the new side walk. You recieve the E R bill and the ambulance bill and a letter from the city with a fine. The bruises will heal but your dignity will take a little longer to recover.

This is a Tresspass. You (quite literally) crossed the line.


What tempts you? I am not talking Chocolate but, if you think you can get away with it, will you steal? Will you look at that pretty lady or handsome man and mentally undress them while standing next to your "significant other"? (That constitutes adultery). Ever five finger discount a pack of gum? Ever watch money fall from a hand and say nothing as they leave it behind or worse as soon as you can, slip a foot out onto the currency and hide it until you can bend down pick it up and slip it in a pocket as you move forward in line? (You DO know that is a form of theft, don't you?) Oh but wait .... you never actually DID any of these things right? But is that because the situation didn't present itself or your a regular boyscout? Ok but were you for even a split second .... tempted?

That's Iniquity. Its that "bent of the heart" to do what is morally wrong.

Iniquity seems to be that with which we are born. This predilection to go against God seems to be built into our genome as humans. It comes from The Fall. In Genesis Adam was placed in a garden called Eden, and made to tend it but there was a rule. There was law. Dont eat from the Tree of The Knowlege of Good And Evil. But the crafty Serpent came and decieved the woman, Eve, whom God gave Adam as helpmeet. She was convinced to eat and gave to Adam who knowing it was forbidden and not under the deception of the Serpent, ate. She probably showed him that in her eating she was unharmed. But the Covenant was not with her, it was with him. He was the Covenant First Son, made of God on Earth. Jesus is ALWAYS the Preeminent Son and Only Begotten. But Adam is the first of the all mankind after the flesh.

These examples define forms of sin as man sees it. These are the Committed Sins. But the Omitted?

In most states there is a tax for the land on which your house sits and in most rentals there is that monthly hit called The Rent. If you forget to pay either the price rises very quickly. In the case of tax, failure to comply with the payment for three years can cost you your home, at least that is the way it is in Florida. Failure to pay that rent will have you and your household and stuff kicked to the curb in three months. (First, Last and Security means you got three months to comply and pay up.... hopefully.)
This is Trangression Omission.
You are failing to OBEY a law.

I am not sure how I would define a Tresspass Omission. As Tresspass is quite literally stepping over the line and going somewhere you are not supposed to be.

This is just very basic. It is how we might define sin.

But how does God define it?

Basically God defines it in the same way. Because you either break the Commandment or your step over His boundary line. Now breaking a Commandment is simple. You stole. You're not supposed to steal and that was the Commandment You shall not steal and you stole. That's Transgression. But Tresspass is trickier to define. Whne Moses went to Mt Sinai and God came down and the whole mountain shook and there was smoke on it. God established a boundary. Animals that got to close were to be killed. People who got to close were to be killed. The is the same with the Tabernacle in the wilderness. Aaron and sons and the Tribe of Levi were taken out of play from among the other Hebrews and tribes.(Num 3:12) First because of the whole firstborn of all the people being God's after the night of the first Passover. (Exodus 12) Second because they also made the best grouping to both see to the things of the LORD and the tent of meeting (Tabernacle). Of the families of The Levites each family group had a specific function to and part to play in the set up maintenance and break down of the tent itself and the things in it. The Aaron and sons portion of this being the actual preistly grouping within Levi did the actual offerings and such. Anyone of the Laite or any other tribe approaching the Tabernacle to do anything out of what they should do (bring in the offerings tithes etc) was to be put to death. God slew two of Aarons sons in the original dedicatory service of the Tabernacle because they "offered strange fire". Now this was two over zealous men who placed fire on pans to offer up to God but God has already brought His fire down to the Brazen Altar and so now any other source of fire to flash off the aromatic insence was seen to be "not from God" or "strange". (Ex 10:1-3) God was so adamant that Moses makes a statement to Aaron that not a tear was to be shed, no renting of his garments neither he or his two other sons. They were under the anointing and the oil was upon them as they transitioned into the priesthood. Israel and the relations could mourn could cart of the burned bodies but not the priests.


God then sees these three main ideas of sin as breaching the Covenant of His being our God and for us as long as we maintain that commitment to abide by His Law and do all He commands. This is "Do This and Live" or the Covenant by works. But of the people of the Old Testament are they changed? Not really. They were to be the Deomstration People of The LORD but they eventualy got as caught up the idolatry unto "nogods" as the pagans surrounding them.

Even the priests and the Levites fell victom to the onerousness of KEEPING A LAW. But there was a better way expected and has come among us and we paid Him no mind nor considered His mission. Most of us fail to see that all of the above is not just breaking a law or breeching Covenant or some legal infraction but an actual assault upon the Holy Personage of a Holy God. He actually takes this in unmbrage. He actually declares war on sin because to Him it is such a visceral detestment. Visceral being the key word here because it is a very primal instinctive deep down where He lives within Himself a repugnance. Like a transmission kicks out reverse when in forward motion of DRIVE; God KICKS OUT sin. He puts as much distance between Himself and sin as can be possibly put by a Being of His Magnitude. Since He is infinite then an infinite distance is possible. Hell was created to contain that which IS AND DOES sin. There you would find although He is EVERYWHERE He will not be KNOWN THERE. He is aware of hell but does not make Himself known there. Thus with hell, sin is separated infinitely from Him.


Here then is the crux of the issue.

There is sin and a transgression of the Originating Covenant from Eden. "but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die"(Gen 2:17). One rule or law. Eve being decieved eats. But this Covenant or contract if you will, and its stipulation was not made with her. It was made with him. So when she discloses her sin to him and that she has not died but her eyes are opened to understand the concepts of good and evil, in some fashion, Adam does not banish her or kill her outright or even CALL ON GOD. Adam partakes. Covenant broken!

Here is our problem today. In Adam was the POTENTIALITY of the whole human race, even if you are a proponent of some form of evolution and think homo erectus, homo habilus, neanderthal, homo sapiens, human race; you still must concede the biblical notion that all humanity has arisen from one "super man" National Geographic did a thing on this DNA Mysteries - The Search For Adam - National Geographic Documentary you can find this on youtube. Because we may very well all relate back to ONE MAN then in God's eyes all of humanity has the unrepented and before Christ unatoned for Original Sin from the moment of conception. Beyond that we add to this our dogpile of committed and ommitted sins. The first time mommy or daddy tells us to do something or stop doing something and we say "no" and disobey, we have added to our sin pile. How big is your currently reader?

Now because this is a visceral assault on a Holy God, and we are formed and shapen in iniquity, we are disconnection from God and yet for those who He has chosen from before the foundation of the world, this is a real problem. There is need of a solution. A means to appease this assault and satisfy justice on God's part. God's justice however is quite steep. The consequence of sin is a wage and that wage is death. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Rom 6:23) Here is a clue as to decided upon solution. So Jesus will come and Jesus will die and Jesus will rise from the dead. Blah blah blah and we will go to an altar or bow a knee and say some words and God will be happy and life goes on. Business as usual.... right?

Not really. It will never again be "bussiness as usual" after that the Holy Spirit has gotten involved with you, but that is for another discussion. But essentially Jesus comes lives dies is raised on the third day and His sacrificial offering of Himself for the "debt note of sin" satisfies God's justice. But this is really over simplifying it and for the most part we tend to not appreciate the intricacies of such a great salvation granted us.

So what DOES He do exactly? In the next segment we will start to look into the ramifications of what Jesus has done both as God the Father sees it and as it benefits us. For we are indeed Guilty As Sin but Forgiven.


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