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The Daughter Of Zion

Good Friday Thoughts

Its a marvelous King whom we serve.

Tonight is Good Friday 2020. Passover is either past or about to commence. Here I sit in my room while the Pandemic of this era swirls all around me. Sitting in place as mandated during the scourge global I was given the glorious idea to observe a Pachal style meal in memory of this night.

However due to certain shortages my content is a little unorthodox.

To eat the Paschal meal you need two bitter herbs, a shank bone of a lamb, matzah, which is unleavened bread, and egg, charoset, and wine. When I did Seder I used Endive but couldnt find any so Arugala has to do. Turnip is the other somewhat bitter herb, albeit traditionally one might a healthy dollop of horseradish on the plate. No egg (I am actually intolerant to albumin and eggs are getting pricey lately) but this is a Votive item.

As I sit here I am also On Duty. My mother has Vascular Dementia Alzheimer's and is asleep but I typically must watch to make sure she is staying asleep before I bed down.

I opted out of a huge box of Matzah but, here is the thing, you only need UNLEAVENED BREAD. Now a bagel is unleavened but no, I am not using a bagel, however tempting that might be. Instead I found a small box of red rice and quinoa crackers and they have no leaven.

In my Seders I have Lamb, roasted over fire. My stove is gas powered so a stove grill and open flames, viola.

So here I sit after spending my day like any other, making sure my mother is hydrated, fed, medicated, clean, comfortable and enjoying her day in the best way she can. Her disease process is unpredictable with peaks and troughs. I had to grind her morning meds but managed to get the evening ones down whole. We watched a Jesus Movie depicting from the Gospel of John, right down to the Scriptures being read out in narrative. My daughter cooked stir fry for the household. I dealt with my mother's needs and then when she fell asleep I came and sat down to this most fabulous feast. On the youtube is this messianic worship music "Power Of Worship From The Land Of Israel" and it is wonderful music to listen to as I partake.

For all the unorthodoxy still He comes and we enjoy the repast. He my singing along and worshipping and I the food and His company.

With all that I do from day to day considering and preparing this was a struggle. I had thought of it as the Easter season approached and tried to order from a Publix shopper cart but coudnt find what I needed. Then I walked into a Publix this past week enroute home from a Doctors appointment for my mother and picked up the items needed. Still I had to cook the Lamb and prepare the rest of the dish. Ah yes, no charoset for the mortar but humus with garlic will do quite nicely. After all it has to look like mortar.

My meal fulfilled all the essential elements of a Seder plate.

Most nights I am tired frustrated and feeling very much alone as I serve the Living God day to day. Oh yes, lest I forget to mention, my mother came to the Kingdom through Christ shortly before her Dementia Diagnosis. So she is the least of these my brethren. ...

As to the wine, I dont drink so I opted for the blood of the grape or ...grape juice. I actually thought it was plain concord and I am not a fan of concord grape but I was pleasantly surprised that the taste was mixed red grape, like the grapes on the picture in the label.

I wonder how I would feel if I had not obeyed His inclination to observe and worship on this night as tired as I was when I started.

Absolutely NOT a Seder but a simple meal with the Living God in Spirit. Not ritual and Haggadah, (although I happily sang out the Baruchot for the "bread" and the "wine"), just the music and the meal and the happy realization that I could sing along with some of the songs.

As we sit here in this Global quarantine, #alonetogether, I am absolutely NOT alone. I am actually Alone Together having taken a stolen few minutes of my night watch to Come Away Come Alone Come to be together with Our Lord and Savior. I am not Alonetogether with the rest of you. I got the chance to come alonetoGod.
#comeawayaloneapart. Tonight in celebrating His sacrifice I left the world behind, even though I was getting up from the meal and the worship to look in on my .... Lord who is Spirit inhabits my mother.

Sometimes the most cockamamie thing He might ask of you is the most powerful healing for the being of your whole spirit soul body and life.

Will tomorrow be better? No I am unable to put mother away, and besides which, why? So I rise as I always do to serve again.

Think about it.

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