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The Eternal Conundrum

In the book History Of The Christian Church Phillip and David Schaff  Volume 1 pg 545 Pauls Doctrine Of Predestination
the authors write:
"Eternal foreknowledge of all persons and things is necessarily included in God's omniscience, and is uniformly taught in the Bible; eternal foreordination or predestination is included in His Almighty power and sovereignty, but must be so conceived as to leave room for free agency and responsibility, and to exclude God from authorship of sin. Self limitation is a part of freedom even in man, and may be exercised by the sovereign God for holy purposes and from love to His creatures; in fact it is necessary, if salvation is to be a moral process, and not a physical or mechanical necessity". (Baur)
Moreover in quoting other writers they continue:
"There can be no doubt that Pail teaches an eternal election to eternal salvation by faith in Christ and a holy life of obedience.  But he does not teach a decree of reprobations or a predestination to sin and perdition.... This is the logical invention of supralapsarian theologies who deem it to be the necessary counterpart to the DECREE of Election....  Adoximos (Greek) for disapproved, worthless, reprobate, is only used five times as a description of character". (Schiller )

This supralasarian thinking seems to use Romans 9 as its base but that chapter must be read in context of Romans 10-11. BY the way supralapsarianism is seen as this in Websters online: the doctrine that God decreed both election and reprobation prior to creation and then allowed the fall of man as a means of carrying out his divine purposes. 

If we look at Romans 1 we see one use of that reprobate mine as something God gave certain people over to after they proved their thinking and actions to be actually .... reprobate.
The best example of this issue is where Jesus is talking about the day of judgement and has the sheep on the right and the goats on the left.  To the sheep He says "Enter in BLESSED OF MY FATHER, INHERIT the kingdom prepared FOR YOU BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD" ( the Greek word used does not mean Earth or our World but is Kosmou which a declined word from Kosmos or Cosmos of The Universe. This implies the Kingdom predates the Big Bang.)   but to those on the hand He says "Depart from ME, you cursed, into the Eternal fire which is prepared for the devil (Satan) and his angels" (Remember the Book of Enoch? Recall Genesis 6:2 which is echoed in Jude 1:6 The angels which left their first estate?  So the quote of Jesus Matt 25:41 continues with the commentary saying; The omission of the words "of My Father" and "you cursed" and the words, "for you" and "from the foundation of the (Cosmos)",are very significant and imply that while the inheritance is traced to the Eternal favor of god , the damnation is due to the guilt of man. (And disobedient rebellious Heavenly denizens)

But we all are born into Adam's fall and as such are prone to choose sin.  Yet there are in the gestalt of the generations of humanity those who were predestined to inherit the Kingdom from Eternity passed before the Big Bang who are in a lost estate of sin and misery and just as Adam and Eve were driven out after the failure (fall) from Grace in the Covenant by works, lest they ate of the Tree of Life and became immortal thus pinning them in this estate for all eternity, a solution to our sin problem had to be brought to bear.   Here in this God takes on Human Nature and shows us the Perfect Man the God Man as sinless and always obedient in perpetual personal and public thought intent and action, being without sin or its proclivity of a iniquitous bent of the heart, Jesus having earned His salvation under the Covenant by works extends it to us by sacrificing Himself to BECOME SIN or CURSED OF GOD in our place voluntarily of free will.  Laying down His perfect life to receive the full assault of God's wrath toward everyone.  Such that whomever the Holy Spirit regenerates and causes the Body and Blood sacrificial Work of The Cross to be applied unto; that one being becomes JUSTIFIED.
Here is the perfect balance of Predestination and Freewill.

Think about it


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