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The Daughter Of Zion

When The Cloud Was Lifted; Staying In Step With God

Num 9:15-23 states one fact over and over and no matter how long or short the duration the fact remained.  Much is made of the however brief as in perhaps a day or even half a day, or as long as a year or more that when the Manifest Presence of God in the Cloud by day and Fire by night resided on The Tabernacle Tent in the Tabernacle Complex, the entire nation stayed put right there. But when it lifted up and started off the entire nation packed up and mustered and moved.

Today we don't "see" the Manifest Presence on a building but we can via The Holy Spirit "feel" His Manifest Presence, that is unless we are actively resisting so as to quench Him.  So when He is actively dynamically moving in a place or a project we should be "camped out" right there in the moment with Him.  But the instant that ends and He is moving on and that sense of His Manifest Presence dissipates, are we able to know it?  Can we then pack it in and "move on"?

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