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Unmasking The Issue Of Church And Kingdom


"We must not confound this lofty conception of the church as the body of Christ with any particular ecclesiastical organization, which at best is only a part of the whole, and an imperfect approach to the ideal. Nor must we identify it with the still higher idea of the kingdom of God or the kingdom of heaven. A vast amount of presumption, bigotry, and intolerance has grown out of such confusion. It is remarkable that Christ speaks only once of the church in the organic or universal sense.1 But he very often speaks of the kingdom, and nearly all his parables illustrate this grand idea. The two conceptions are closely related, yet distinct. In many passages we could not possibly substitute the one for the other without manifest impropriety.2 The church is external, visible, manifold, temporal; the kingdom of heaven is internal, spiritual, one, and everlasting. The kingdom is older and more comprehensive; it embraces all the true children of God on earth and in heaven, before Christ and after Christ, inside and outside of the churches and sects. The historical church with its various ramifications is a paedagogic institution or training-school for the kingdom of heaven, and will pass away as to its outward form when its mission is fulfilled. The kingdom has come in Christ, is continually coming, and will finally come in its full grown strength and beauty when the King will visibly appear in his glory."

Schaff, P., & Schaff, D. S. (1910). History of the Christian church (Vol. 1, pp. 508–509). New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons.


The concept mentioned here is that of the Headship of Christ to the Body of Believers. The twinning of head and body, bridegroom and bride, vine and branch of vine, capstone or cornerstone and building with prophet and apostle laid foundations. The picture may be seen in the New Jerusalem. Jerusalem the word meaning more or less City of shalom or peace plus a whole lot more. So then we have to concepts side by side interconnected but not one and the same. Here the called out ones of the Race "little Christs" (Christitos) who are to personally mirror the moral image of the One who made them in His image in His Body and Blood sacrifice by the means of the Holy Spirit ,who proceeds from the Father and the Son, and the greater larger Kingdom of God which is likened to many things in the Gospels. Ten virgins five of which have the extra cruse of Oil (Holy Spirit) and get in behind the closed door. (Within the veil) Ten coins, Talents, One hundred sheep, dragnet, house founded on The Rock which is Christ, all these and more are images or concepts of the Kingdom. Variously Jesus tells us that He will seek and save that ONE who has strayed whilst the ninety nine who are with Him always, are penned up in a "sheepfold" with a "gatekeeper" (the Holy Spirit) who opens to the Good Shepherd upon return with that one errant sheep who will now doubtless be included as the whole lot of one hundred is let out to graze. or of that it is a complete set of identifying things that if the "virgin" who possesses them should lose even one then the sweeping out begins until it is recovered. That continuous de-leavening of the things of error and whoredom and removal of the overgrowths that crowd out Scriptures application by that same Holy Spirit who is the agent of the regeneration of the Human spirit in Effectual Salvation. That would the Sanctification aspect. Or the Virgins wise and foolish showing the twin aspects of the two peoples of the "BOC" the one who looks like the Elect but is not for has not the extra cruse of oil or forgot to supply it. The other having need not go and buy what cannot be properly attained by coin. ( it is truly that these came to late or that they possess now a counterfeit spirit, having purchased it by coin in the night. Why did they not go home and get a cruse and take some back.... why did they have to "buy" it?) The talent of what was given refers to reward and the testing of our works on earth to prove them as "of The Faith" or not by the Consuming Fire of He who is "Flame of Yah". But all this applies to ALL who are THE CALLED from BEFORE the FOUNDATION OF THE EARTH. In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth but before that beginning He FOUNDED IT. Various canonical texts tell us of the laying out of the lines and supports for the framework of the heavens and the Earth. (This physical existence).

It is hubris to suppose that the entirety of all the Elect of God are comprised of the Called out After the Resurrection. For Jesus being sent tot he existing house of Israel and that existing Judaic people refers to "another fold" when all His speaking is at the first being addressed to His countrymen. Why else would He speak tot he syrophoenician Gentile woman as He does? It is clearly recorded multiply throughout the Gospels that of the Peoples and Tribes of Judaic Israel of old "many believed". In the same gospels He gives parable indicating the rejection of His Kingship by the greater "congregation" of the House of Israel at large by virtue of the rejection by their leadership, by and large. He goes so far as to finally declare that there "house" Temple was at a certain point of His final leave taking... Desolate. The Vision of the OT prophet has finally come into play as the Glory of God manifest in human flesh walks out of both the Temple in Jerusalem and finally out of the City itself to the death on The Cross.
Thus this multi folded Kingdom must be seen to be of both those who were in the bosom of Abraham as alluded to in the parable of the Rich man and Lazarus. In that Lazarus passes and finds himself to be seen in Abraham's bosom being comforted is that place called Paradise of which the thief is promised admission to upon the passing of both he and Jesus. (This might the first true vouch saving application of the blood because the thief is being put to death for breaking the law and by assumption most likely also Mosaic Law.)

So then when we in the Churches start talking Kingdom and Dominion Theology maybe we need to rethink what we call His Kingdom.

For from its inception the Church was both mandated to evangelize the world, hence it Catholic nature, and would be comprised by every stripe of walk and cuture and ethnicity the world can offer, also Catholic in nature, but be both a social entity reaching into the world to improve it and rule over those things of which it is to have influence and to be separate from the world by means of the "means of grace" and by prayer of communing both in Scripture which we have in full today and in the worship via the Holy Spirit with the Living Godhead, which is also Catholic or UNIVERSAL. I neither propose for Catholicism or against it nor for Protestantism or against it. The press will blithely now tell us that NEITHER aspects are free of corruption not even to its top leaderships. For like the five unwise virgins this dually comprised religious system has its workers of iniquity that profess Christ but do not obey in loyalty this Savior as LORD alone AND the wise who both profess and SERVE the Christ of the Living God as the Visible and Invisible "church".

Think about it
Which are you dear reader?


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