Vision on I95


Friday Dec 22 2006



It was evening as I drove up to the storefront ministry of MCM ( for the usual Friday night bible study and worship.   I was just sort of listening to the car radio and chatting with the Lord or rather the Lord chatting with me when suddenly I was in open vision in the Valley of Vision.   What happened next is not for the faint of heart.


As I drove northward on this multilane highway doing about 65MPH (or more) the sky above me suddenly started to flow in fast forward motion around me.  Sunrises and sunsets and the movement of the sun along its elliptic in the sky signaling the passing of days.   Then high above the clouds the night sky began to rapidly shift and as if standing looking at the stars which rotated rapidly about me.  Now I was watching the seasons change signified by the rotation of the constellations.   To my west at 11:o’clock angle was the cross or La Crux.  Now in the real world to my GPS position the Southern Cross rises very low on the southern horizon and we apparently don’t see the Northern Cross at all so I am still pondering the constellation in the west of me.  Then from above in the stratosphere I looked down upon a massive rock.  It was like a huge conular shape point downward falling fast and forming the fireball from entry.  It then fell till it slammed into a body of open water which I presume may be the ocean.  Now like dropping a pebble into a still pool of water in a bowl created a ripple effect this massive chuck of real estate created a similar “ripple”.  The water ran out from every direction and there the vision seemed to stop but the series of scenes in this open vision for sometime played like a loop for the time it took to get to Cyrus Creek road.  Now this is a East-West road and I headed east toward the train tracks and crossing them I would come into a reduced roadway with a center island.  But the major thoroughfare was a six lane with business district on either side and as I traveled from the exit ramp to these train tracks of Federal Highway I could see the tree lines of the beach head area.  Now the vision played out its loop and …continued.  A wave wall appear above the tree lines and I saw the incoming tsunami wave from the “ripple” of the “rock”. 


Approaching the tracks where the road became a narrowed straightway I could see water boiling out about four or five foot deep sort of like the was of water out of a pipe would boil out.  I was surprised because it wasn’t so high and thought well I could survive that.  Then He spoke and said “its not the height or the depth of the water but rather the volume and the speed at which it flows that gets you especially on the way out!   Now as I crossed the train tracks the whole vision shifted from the incoming tsunami to the after math of the outflow.  Crossing the tracks as the road resumes from the intersection the narrowed bifurcated road way is all residential with a large church and school on one side of the road but it was the landscape and the houses that caught me by surprise.   Everywhere I looked the ground was littered with fish of every kind and shell fish and what not and what I will call flotsam and jetsam but which are really the dead bodies of the drowned both man and beast.  As far as the fish were concerned I thought to myself “this is a fisherman’s dream!  Just get out and pick them all up, you’d have seafood like forever!”  The houses as I traveled on Cyprus Creek had the walls stove in and the roofs some of which looked like a tornado might have partially or fully ripped them off.  I was truly riding through a ruins of a suburb.   But his ruins was fresh as a raw gaping wound! 


Then I got to my intersect and turned north toward the strip-mall.  On this road there were apartments and they had fared rather well surprisingly and yet the fish and the flotsam and jetsam were everywhere!   I traveled till I reached my destination and there on the corner was a 7-11 store with gas island.  The marquee was gone and the façade of the store’s front was ripped up.   I wondered how so low a water line would rip the front of a store! 

I drove further into the reset mall and upon arriving at Craighouse, MCM’s ministry headquarters the vision expanded sort of.   Off in the west the cross constellation stood in a stark night sky and now here I “stood” in outgoing waters that rapidly rose up over my head.  Now mind you my dears that I had stopped at the 7-11 and gotten a sandwich and a milk and was eating it carefully trying to avoid chewing on the side of my mouth where a recent double extraction had taken place.  As I stood in the water I watched the fish and flotsam flow by and it rose and slapped at the façade of the mall and Craighouse.  For what seemed like quite a while this body of water was being funneled up until finally the whole store front row of glass began to cave under the pressure.  What seemed like several minutes was actually only a few moments in reality because I image it was in slow motion for my ability to see everything.  Sure enough as soon as the glass caved the whole body of water fell to about my waist ( I am 5’7) and everything just sort of flowed in.  The flotsam just tumbled and crashed against interior dividing walls and the effect was to gut the whole store front.  Then it stove open the back door and the water shot out. 


Now I stood seeing people enter the area and it was a litter of flopping fish and not so lively former air-breathing things sea weed and gravels and what not all over the carpeting, in short the place was ruined.   Along the boulevard three has simply snapped off and were gone houses has been stove in at their weakest point and considering in South Florida we use Concrete Block System of CBS that to me was nothing short of miraculous.   The great rock I knew to be the mountain that was in a angels hand a censer of the prayers of the saints.  I was watching revelation unfold.



On the heels of this vision was a post of an ongoing series of visions from one Rosie Lovejoy and her most recent Lion of Zion series of visions.   When I read hers and the rock hitting the Atlantic I was not to happy.   Incidentally as I write this out on my laptop I am in a place called Palm Coast Florida not far from the beaches.   I live in Hollywood Florida, also near the coast.  Craighouse in Cyprus Creek Florida is also on the coast and maybe a mile from the Founder’s Home just east of that second intersection where I turned north.   I told my dear friends and she didn’t receive the news at all.  We don’t have the resources to over if this thing happens soon.   But God is our King and live or die we will be eternal in Him.



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