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The Principle of Torah

Torah the Kingdom Law

Torah taken as a whole was the governing system of the nation of Israel in its formative stages.  Israel it should be recalled is a theocracy and has a set religious political system unique to the God served.  This system was given by God to transform a mixed multitude of people formerly slaves in a pagan and idolatrous nation and make them into a unit of war with one belief system one governing system one economy and one social order to go into any place it might be sent to and conquer the territory therein successfully.  In short, Israel was made to reproduce herself anywhere her people settled.  Torah is the Hebrew word for the first five books of the Old Testament also called the Pentateuch or the Book of Moses.  In synagogues today of the scrolls it is the largest and most elaborately covered scroll.  Besides it there are two others called haftorah and they comprise the writing and prophets of the Old Testament. Together they are the entire scripture of the Old Testament that we have now in book form.

The Torah law is divided into three parts, Commandment, Case Law, and Testimonies. The Commandment is broken into the Decalogue or ten principle commands, statutes, and ordinances.  An ordinance for example is that the Feast Days are to be observed annually throughout all the nation and generation of the Hebrews perpetually.  Case law covers chapters of regulations such as what the penalty for striking a pregnant woman, who becomes involved in an altercation between two men who then miscarries, might be. Case law is divided into two parts the Levitical or religious conduct regulations and the social or general law.  Tabernacle and Temple had strict regulations both on the part of the conduct and lifestyle of the servants of the house and its ministerial staff and on the sacerdotal aspect.  Because of the nature of the God they served the ministers or priests who would enter into the area of actual interface between man and God had to live a life that was appropriate before God; one which would perfectly reflect His nature to the people.  Because of the nature of the religious expression God chose and its use of animal sacrifice strict regulations on how to perform services and how to maintain the grounds of tabernacle and temple were set up.  General law or casuistic law as it is also called gave order in a chaotic situation.  Imagine living in the little booths of palm leaves or in tents made of skins or cloths with a mixed bag of sons of Jacob who are slaves newly liberated and renegade Egyptians whose ideas of life are radically different from yours.  Imagine a nation of at least one million people camping out at the base of a mountain that made so much noise that it possibly made one wonder if death might be the direct result of any proximity let alone actually approaching with intent to touch it.  Imagine the traditions of the various families and clans and then the Egyptians with ideas on how to best govern the nation, Egyptians with no concept of God.  Imagine that and you have just imagined potential chaos.

In Job 11:6a states “… that He would show you the secrets of wisdom, that they are double to that which is!   Wisdom’s secret then is that its secrets are double to that which is or which appears before us.  In other words there are layered understandings to be gotten from Torah Law.  On the top layer is the obvious a set of laws so well engineered that if properly applied not only one nation but also all nations could be globally governed by it.  Of course the key would have to be in the wielder of the law.  Such an individual would have to have the power to enforce such a legal system.  In the day of the kingdom on earth there are two such entities.  The body of Christ as it is now or should be now, and the figure of Jesus Himself during the millennial reign.  The next level is its evangelistic value.  The fests and the sacrificial system and the indeed the whole history of the nation is littered with types and shadows and portents of something to come.  Moses himself referred to another coming that would know God face to face as he did in his lifetime.  All these types and shadows speak to the cross and the central figure of all time the second person of the trinity Jesus the Christ.  The third level is the messianic message of the coming King. It is both Messianic and Apocalyptic.  The testimonies of the law here speaks of the end times and the tribulation and then of the day of lord or the thousand year rule of the lord over the earth.  The fourth level speaks of spiritual co-ruler ship with Jesus through the Spirit of Holiness by faith right here right now on earth today via the entity commonly called the church.  But there is more to this level, which speaks to a time coming before the millennial reign when the Father will reveal His chosen sons and in these does the law take on a principle of ruling that boggles the mind.  It is this, which I seek to address. Let me mention before I do that the historical level is also of great value for it gives us the roots of our faith in rich bold relief from the humdrum of American Post Modern Christendom. 

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