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Its Valentine’s day! The idea of intimacy comes to mind yet churches will trot out the hubby and wife sermon and chatter on the marital blisses. These are laudable even necessary yet today is a day and an hour where something is missed when these sad relics come out of mothballs. Why do I say this? For some time now, the howls and cries of "doom and gloom" have been heard on the Internet from "prophets" and "prognosticators" alike. It would appear that both Christ’s and Satan’s camps are giving warnings and orders to batten down the hatches or grab a gun and jump in a fox hole and prepare for the final setups that must comes as the thing called the Great Tribulation is about to commence. I have finally learned that the duration of this time is but the last 3 ½ years of the allotted 7, and so what of the 1st 3 1./2? The cry of repentance and return to true and straight line of walk is ushered to the churches on the Asian mail route. This has been done and the voice begins to fall into silence. Then we commence the breaking of seals on the scroll of judgment for planet earth 7 seals broken ending in a nasty "quake" and the loss of the wind as a certain 144000 Jewish men are "marked" for service to the Great King of Glory. Then the warning "horns" 7 in all which end with birth of the woman the revelation of the "man of sin" and the appearance of 2 witnesses or martyrs. This is the only time dated passage in the book that announces their arrival and tells how long they do their job, 3 ½ years. What did they see? An old Jewish custom for weddings gives us a clue. The groom returns to the township where he was betrothed and finds the lady of his matrimony, then after a brief planning he returns in the dead of the nights, and she leaves with him. He comes with his two friends who help in the escape and remain behind till morning. When pandemonium ensues on the morning after the witnesses rise up and declare the groom’s return and taking up of his bride and that the village need to get to the synagogue for the marriage is set and the hour has come.

To which I add that even Jesus spoke of the establishment of facts in the mouths of 2 or more witnesses. And what of the meantime for it is not a happy prior 3 ½ years is it? Did not the prophet ask what we thought the day of the Lord would be like? If we thought it would be a glorious light filled day? He answered and said that it would be a day of darkness. Now given this I speak of another cry being given on the Internet. This is the call to come. There are two calls here one to come out of and unto. We are called to depart or come out of Babylon and unto God. Babylon is a pantheon of gods and an idolater’s nest built on lies. It is the second part of the come message that holds my attention the come unto God part. What of the prophet who admonishes the people to hide in their closets and shut the doors till the indignation be passed? What of Jesus speaking about prayer and to close the door in the prayer closet so as to ensure privacy unto the Father alone. Think there’s a possible connection? What of Psalms 91:1 that the secret place of or in the Most High? A place into which we must go to abide a shadowing shelter from arrows of the day and pestilence and though the body count rise around us we fall not?

In that day of trouble we are raised up and we are rescued?

Thoughts Continued 2/18/99

It is that the one cry of Doom and Gloom is being uttered that the other cry of calling unto the Secret place is also being uttered, so that the two are the halves of the whole. God our Father has ever the shepherds hearts toward us and seeks to keep His flocks together in one place when the reigns of the headship of the nation change from a tolerant "pharaoh" to an intolerant one. Do wee begin to realize that the talk of tolerance and lets "love" those who are misunderstood into the kingdom is wrong? For it is these who are misunderstood who may well work for the one who comes in his own name to establish his kingdom come to fruition for his own glory and honor, and may well become our worst nightmare.

Theologically speaking many of us see that pre- trib. rapture of the church and that has from the early church been the accepted teaching and IS TRUE. Yet when in the seven years does this tribulation begin? I just recently found out that the seven years marks the accord agreement that contracts peace in Israel FOR AN EXODUS OF ALL JEWRY FROM ALL THE NATIONS TO THEIR HOMELAND IN PREAPRATION FOR A MASS SLAUGHTER GREATER THAN NAY HITLER COULD EVER HAVE DREAMT OF. But in the midst of the week the accord is broken and then the great Tribulation commences as well as at that time the witnesses appear to deliver the message to the "church" that the "bride" has been taken and made ready and is being married to the King. It is the "church" who is the tare and the "bride" who is the wheat today. But aren’t the church and bride the same entity? Not any more. The Greek word Paul used for church was Eklessia which roughly means called out ones and they called out from the paganism surrounding would become the Sancts (saints) sanctified ones and thus the Bride. But today the church ,or the German word Kirch which is just a local ecclesiastical body, is replete with the ideology of the world and they do what they must to notch the belt full of souls with wallets to support their endeavors which they feel are the stirrings of a Spirit long gone from the face of the land, especially in America. But the Eklessia the bride becomes those who wont even play that game but who appear to seek the lonely mountain tops to see His face and hear his voice and do ONLY THAT WHICH HE BIDS THEM DO. These are those folk whose zeal and passion embarrass us for they wreck our social programs and being frowned upon in polite society in general these become the children locked in the attic or cellar never to be displayed before the face of godless humanity.

But folks, those faceless kids are now strong enough in number and growth to begin to break off the shackles and constraints and break loose from the jails they have been relegated to and stand tall and proud in their Beloved’s arms and show the Nations what is God through their very existence just as the Son of Man did once long ago. These are the Bene Elohim or Sons and daughters of God, these are the ones who will be sent to wilderness hiding places when the agreement is broken and only for a short duration of days hours or at the most a month or so. The exacting sway of give or take is recorded in Daniel as a set of numbers 12: 11 the difference of 1290 and 13335 which is 45. Jesus makes this strange little statement in Matt 24 about unless the days were shortened none of the "elect" would survive. Hers a strange thought folks the count from the Passover on the third day to Pentecost Sunday is a 50 day and Jesus left originally at the 40 day mark so that leaves a 5 day shortening from that period of time. As if the plans would be made to expose all the hiding places at the Feast of Pentecost when we all come together to celebrate Torah and the Gift of Spirit of Holiness. But the raids will prove fruitless for even among us in that day will be tare stock and only the wheat will rise for He only seeks a blemishless Bride.

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