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Dear saints My brothers and sisters in Christ I am on the rails riding from Deland Florida back to Hollywood near where I live.  I was on a God moments mission for the birth of a new church and work of the King.  As I ride I think to myself I have all this email to read, for you know there is never enough time in a day to give total attention to things on an emailer!    I opened up a Piece forwarded by one Jim Bramlett of a pastor whose watch accelerated of in time who thinking he probably ought to have the time piece checked out at a jewelers went back to his office to find a call from a Rabbi about God’s prophetic time clock coming to a very near time of ending for the gentiles and beginning for the Jewish people.   Another Rabbi who was in opposition also called this man asking to have a cup of coffee with him ….  It appears that it is now 40 years since the YomKippur war in 1967.     There has been much natter in the prophetic and a rash of posting and such speaking about preparedness of the heart of the believer of the stuff of a believer for to run if need be.     Recently while driving locally I had me a little mini-vision connected to something not so nice.  In Florida we have the Interstate 95 a massive slab that gets jampacked from time to time but runs as I have found pretty much the whole length f the State.   As I drove to a Friday bible study and worship time at a local para-church ministry I entered into this vision.  The sky around me began to boil in a fast forward mode.  And then I saw the night sky with its myriads of stars in constellations which began to slowly rotate around. Curiously the northern Cross rose in my west which for those who know I am in the state of Florida in the United states and that constellation doesn’t show for us though the southern cross does but barely above horizon and certainly not to the west.  It was on an 11 O,clock position point to my NNW on a tangent from me.   What I saw after this was a great mountain of a rock conular in shape points down heading for a body of water and hitting it creating the pebble in the pond ripple effect.  After that I saw the effect of the Tsunami in my area which save for the great fishing that the outflow left the land was otherwise quite gruesome of former air breathing “flotsam and jetsam”.    This is God way of showing that the days are accelerating and the slow rotation of constellations would indicate months and seasons …the rock then is that heavenly censor loaded with Brazen altar coal.     Now as I ride the rails now somewhat south of Orlando may even Kissimmee now and I watch the backyards and northern Florida scrub blur by my window seat I am now reminded of something I have been chewing on for quite a while.Revelation 12 talks about a series of events that are about to happen very soon.   A woman gives birth to a manchild who the Father immediately catches up to the throne.  The purpose of said child seems to be found in 1st or 2nd Corinthians ( please forgive me for not being more specific) 15:50-55 ( approximately)  It speaks about the idea of first the natural then the spiritual in thing of heavenly or earthly or spiritual bodies and each being after its type.  Thus our dear Miss Virgin wife of Joseph back in the day had a baby boy whose Father was Our Heavenly Holy Father … a seed implanted within her born into flesh bt now we have the woman a wife as it were who gives birth to a spiritual boy.  Mary in a way if you care to hear it was for 9 months of her earthly existence the “acting wife of substitution of the Most High or a bride”  She then represents the natural to the now common spiritual.   This birth is attended by a flaming dragon whose aim to consume the baby if he can get his “claws” on it.  Happily for us Father is faster.     The loss of the child for the dragon only begins his problems.  For the nest thing he knows he is facing off against the Prince of Israel Michael the Arch Angel.  Interestingly enough there is Old Testament scripture that tell us that in the “last days” this angel will get up to save the nation, my guess says this is why he got up.  But our dragon only finds the problems worsening as he loses not only his prize but his place as well.  It says to us that the dragon is cast down.  And once there he is enraged and searches for and finds the woman.   He then sends a flood to drown her but the earth actually opens up on her behalf to spare her.  She now can go to a certain “place prepared”   Of course that the dragon is this peeved is NOT good new for those who are purported to be the rest of the woman’s offspring, Mr. and Mrs. every day saint.  This is the commencement of a unparalleled and viscous persecution.   What makes it so bad is the effect of the casting down of the dragon.   Here is the whole point of this long winded post that I dearly hop you are reading and not considering deleting at this point.   The switch out is the effect that comes from the fall of the dragon.  It says His tail sweeps a third of the hosts down with him.  Now I wonder if I add this to what he already holds sway over as demons and fallen angels and what not.  But it is what has to happen when he thrown down that is where God has had me.   You see even God had to obey His own law of things physical and spiritual.  Those who deal in the arts arcane or witch craft will tell you that in order for a spiritual being to directly influence and effect direct change in the physical realm from what they call the ethereal realm or “ether” it has to posses a soul and through that soul or mid of a human cause the behavior to be changed and controlled so that the person does the bidding of the spirit indwelling inhabiting or possessing him or her.     Now the dragon the serpent of old the devil is also known as Prince of the Power of the Air or Ethereal realm which is all around us but we are truly blind to it.  Those who travel in the Holy Spirit will tell you of it though and because they see into it its denizen see them.   But when he is cast down he is stuck folks right here with us and in order to continue to exist he must inhabit his “mark” his SON OF PERDTION.  Unfortunately for humanity so does everyone else that falls with him.   This then is a possession of souls on a massive scale.   Now Jesus has this parable about this need to be filled it the Living Spirit of the Living God who is Holy and blest forever.   He speaks of the man who is indwelt with a strong man who is plundered by one STRONGER.  Now the displaced winds up traveling in dry places, or out of body out of touch with the material and fruitless in efforts Until He decides to start checking up on former inhabitations, and comes across our former house vessel and find it clean swept ordered and EMPTY.  He then moves in with a few of His friends and the estate of the poor person is worse than before.  Now we have all read this thing and we all said amen as did I but now I have to ask you all why is it that the former strong man could move back in on lost “real estate” so easily?   Where is our Stronger than Strong man?  Well theologians will say Jesus is the stronger man and they are right.  Jesus comes in and displaces the enemy but He is supposed to inhabit and indwell the person or soul PERMANENTLY through the Holy Spirit.    So I guess Mr. or Mrs. Joe Christian didn’t want the Spirits infilling and thus when the enemy came in again he was able to reclaim what was not his by rights.   Now for the believers in the Spirit there will be a massive leap in anointing in connectivity with the Spirit.  We will hear the salvation statement resonant through our beings and thrill to the power of God now in full in us.    Also the weapons of our warfare will change from the spiritual to the fact that as Jesus said in Mathew 24 that our enemies would be in our very homes among our family members yet and because the enemy will have to possess so many souls this is how the Antichrist is able to sway the hearts of the masses.  They are possessed!  This is why we will stand out in the crowd… we are possessed!  But we are on “ANOTHER SPIRIT”.   As I ride toward Sebring Florida I look out over fields dotted with properties and I have a grief within me for those who that didn’t take the message of Christ seriously.  You see my beloved brothers and sisters this switch out will in one moment transform the heart for ever ON BOTH SIDES OF THE EQUATION!     Already my dears the separation fo hearts is happening.   Pray for each other and to keep your selves pure and CONNECTED in Him.  For the moment is about to happen and it will begin to time of tribulations such as was never since the beginning.   Please do feel free to email me back because if I am wrong I would like to be told so but as you go back through the scriptures and they are many you may be thanking God for this longwinded post, as it may be an explanation long sought.                                                                                                

Mary E

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