Daughter of Zion Eternally Presents

Sin's Scream 

The collective scream of pain from the fall.  Sin is not the luster it comes off as.  Sin’s allure dies in horrific pain.  It is a sickness of “un-rightness”, likened to bones out of joint.  I personally have the displeasure of neck bones that are slightly misaligned and it can cause excruciating pain as well as pinching off and causing tingling and numbness; this is an “un-rightness” of my cervical spine.  In like manner sin from the fall has created a misalignment of creation to its Creator.  The cup that Jesus drank on the cross has been bandied about in much speculation.  Some say it was merely the crucifixion as if that were not bad enough and all the pre crucifixion nonsense and law breaking he had to put up with…  plus lack of sleep.  This is a big part of t for the man Jesus.  Then it has been said that He experienced the degradation and humiliation of sin.  Well crucifixions were often done in a very exposed manner so degradation and humiliation do play a role.  It has also been speculated the madness or the experiences of the lust of the flesh eyes and pride of life might well have been the torment of the cross on the mind of the lord and it may be true but this tests the mettle of the man.   But this morning on my little job post as a school crossing guard I was made aware of something else.  The scream of nature and the spirits of all flesh who are not in covenant relationship to their Creator in Christ Jesus in them the ONLY hope of the Glory of the Father eternally. Christs cup was to assuage the collective scream of fallen creation in His blood!  This speaks to the evangelist as a message to awaken the spirit of a person and make them want Jesus!  Yet we go and we tell and the interest level for the most part is nil.  Have we ever wondered why?  Here we have this most marvelous relationship with a very real very alive personage who thinks and feels and has desires for us all and so and so could care less?!  Imagine!!!!!!!!! 

There is a reason.  I experienced the scream and let me tell you if I did not know the absolute peace of the father I might not have survived this morning.  I was exhausted when it was all over!  Now if I was that affected then why don’t they come running?  Because the enemy has a solution all his own to the scream of the spirit of a person.  It called… distraction!  The lights, the sounds, the television the radio, the kids, the husband, the wife the dog and cat, the job, the emotions of the gamut from everything’s coming up roses to every things flushing down the toilet!!!!!!!!!!  This is all a distraction.  For the believer it keeps us apart from God for the unbeliever it is a nigh unto impenetrable wall of clutter that attempts to keep them out forever.  This scream is of alone-ness instead of at-one-ment in Christ.  This scream is not heard says God to me its felt!  It is a nerve jangling pain like shard of glass across the mind and if there is not some level or surcease it can conceivably make one go quite mad.  It is this howling orchestration of sorrowing screaming pain that Jesus listened to for three hours in pitch black and His voice joined the maelstrom in the immortal words translated My God My God why have You forsaken ME?!!!!    As Halloween approaches this sound might be coveted by the best horror displays but I would never like to hear it again.  For us as getting Christ across to others may this consideration fuel our desire to be a witness of the only way to silence the scream.  The beauteous blessed BLOOD of the LAMB!


God richly bless you today as you think about it.


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