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Over and over recently I have had certain topics come forth that deal with the Evangelistic. The concept of being a "witness" to those who are "good enough" is a frustrating topic of discussion and the general consensus is to simply prejudge them as fodder for the wrath of the Father and walk away. But this goes against the scriptural grain doesn't it? What does it say in Scripture? For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Life that lasts forever. For God didn't send His son into the world to condemn the world but rather that through Him the world might be saved. Why? Because as it is written God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance in Christ and have everlasting life. Yet, it is also written that Those who do not believe on the Son of man are condemned already. This flies right in the face of things and to the liberal mindset it becomes a contradiction. Thank God for His Spirit who never stays quiet for ver long and always has something to say. It is He that put this in my heart and brought His answers to bear on this day. When we take the gospel we take it in the premise that you are evil and have lived wickedly and need forgiveness, which is often the case. But how for the person who has kept the golden rule all their life do we justify them as "evil"? In the Old Testament the wicked man was classically defined as the unwashed Philistine or the pagan or the enemy of the chosen. He was dead set against the agenda and life of the chosen and seen to be a deadly force in the earth for the chosen. When we look at the nation of Israel we are immediately struck with their idea of choseness. When we talk to the modern day Jew we are struck by the arrogance of their claim to choseness. Yes and they can be arrogant in their claim. Yet they have a right, they are the first from Sinai. But though we may choke on the issue of choseness we need to consider the claim and the right of choseness. You see, it is God Himself who started this whole issue with Israel on Sinai. I have chosen you to be mine... hence you will be MY people and I will be your God. Now we have a better idea of this choseness, for it has to do with possession. It has been said that possession is nine tenths of the Law. Well in Torah Law possession is ten tenths of the rule. Torah for those who may not know is the Hebrew word for the first five books of your Old Testament. These are the book that chronicle our beginning as a planet and people and then chronicle the beginnings of a lineage for the Savior. After all, everyone has to come from somewhere and everyone has a ancestor or two in their past. Its called family roots. So the Law or Torah stems from the tree trunk and root system of possession and ownership by God for a reason. They were a vehicle to display God's power and presence in the Earth. Everywhere they went there was God and everything one around them could plainly see that God was always up to something. Either it was a blessing, and it made the nation a great terror in the night, and a nightmare to all invaders or it was the curse and it made the nation the laughingstock of the planet! Still haplessly caught in the Sinai covenant Israel was for better or worse, God's to do with as He pleased. Happily we have a benevolent God who would much rather take pleasure in this people than be angry with them. But He did have a set of rules they had to live with and when they didn't well.... Then came the only begotten the Son of man the LAMB. He sort of shook things up and upset the status quo. He sort of made a few changes on His resurrection day. The first change was in who became God's possession. Anyone could now be God's possession. Proud Israel was not the only way anymore. Another change was in how one became chosen. It used to be you were proselytized and circumcised and put through rituals and made to learn Torah and, and, and. It was a needful thing to show the totality of separation from and consecration unto but it also closed doors in many faces. Now one had only to believe, and confess, and be immersed in water. That in the belief faith would be imparted to receive that in the confession saving grace might begin His work and that in the baptism an act like unto circumcision would take place. Like unto circumcision in that it set the person apart from the rest and demonstrated that they were now numbered among the chosen. Finally, the LAMB changed the path of approach unto the Ancient of Days for the original Sinai covenant chosen. For it was through the blood of generation and the blood shedding of the foreskin and the blood of the sacrificial animal that one came. But now having been circumcised, having offered up Himself having been of the correct lineage of the righteous and even of the actual royal house itself. The LAMB became the sole provision and hence the only way to come to the Ancient of days whom we call Father. So now when we look again at the wicked we see that he is not of the chosen or if of Abraham's seed He is not righteous. Chosen is the first estate but as with any family the right to be "in the will" comes with attendance to familial duty and allegiance to the family head. If one behaves in such a manner so as to disgrace the family will one not eventually be "cut out of the will"? Does not the family give long gracious lenience? This is the same thing, the one who is chosen of God will behave as one who is chosen of God and that is in a manner that God Himself considers pleasing. So now we have tow edges to this argument. On the one you must become chosen and on the other you must live as chosen thereafter. But what of the wicked man? What does it mean to perish for don't we live on as spirit forever? Are we told that in this aspect we are gods? Is not the soul of man immortal? Yes we do but here is the end of the argument for choseness. There are three places that spirit may dwell and only one of them has to do with life as you know it right now. The other two have to do with where you live forever. Only the soul or spirit of a man is eternal but the flesh passes away yet in this the awake part of our consciousness we say we are alive. In truth once we were born we became eternally alive having been created in the womb for a destiny that should be pleasant but is often damnable. In flesh the soul has an active life in what we call the real world but in death of the flesh the spirit comes into it truest reality, one that is fixed and unchanging and never ends. There are in this only two places to dwell. One is in the presence of the person of the trinity. Laughter is there and not weeping. Light is there and not darkness. Love and companionship are there and not the lonely ball of self loathing regrets and hatred. Others are there and one can be with them and there is fellowship among the chosen and with the chooser of them all and not separation from all others and loneliness and the memory of what might have spared you this awful condition. There is no suffering in the presence of the Almighty. But hell or Gehenna is a bit different. Its dark and lonely. No one is there though you are surrounded by fellow sufferers. Or have we forgotten what suffering and soul wracking will do to our human spirit? It will insulate us until we believe we are alone in a shopping mall on Christmas Eve one hour before closing! Now that's alone! This is the plight of the sufferer here in Gehenna. Add to it the darkness and the regrets that forever replay in your spiritman's memory. Then think of a coldness that is so intense that it burns like fire. You burn not with flames as in a fire but with cold. Then finally consider a Lake of fire and brimstone. Well you say that will produce light and it will produce warmth. Truly? But all light and warmth come from the presence of God in creation and its presence in His plan called the kingdom. In that lake there is the absence of God so now where is the warmth and the light? Suffice it to say there is a darker side of reality to God's world than the world we see around us and the things we think we understand from scripture. Paul told us that our eye and ear and mind had not yet come across the good things that God has in store for us who are the chosen and heirs. If that argument is so then what of the things that are stored up for the wicked? Then the message should be not are you good enough, but are you His? Why? Being His avoids being destined for His wrath. What about that wrath? Is God a angry man having a temper tantrum at the end of the age? Of course not but here is a illustration. We live in our homes and we clean them out periodically. When we do we decide what to keep what to throw. What we keep we have chosen to be ours what we throw we have decided will not be ours and will not clutter up our living space any longer. God is the master mold of our image so, what is His when He cleans His house He will keep, what he decides He doesn't want He will throw. Gehenna and the Lake are simply trash cans. Like is said the spirit of man is eternal so with all these eternal "souls" about the house of creation gets awful cluttered and after six or seven or eight days even God wants to clean house. That is taking the young earth theory and coupling it to the day equals one thousand years theory. OK it is written that God made this in six days and rested on the seventh. Then what? On the eighth He saw the fall of man and set about to rectify the problem. The rectification process took another ,oh, five days roughly? Then He enacted His correction to the problem Adam created and well there is another day of rest. But well here's a new day not of rest and in it Christ arises. The Father built the house but it is the son He sent to clean it. In this day at the right hour the son will come in His Spirit then in glorified person and the house will be cleaned. The stuff Father doesn't want will be thrown away into an incinerator that doesn't consume. The rest well when clean don't we organize the things we want to keep? So will the Son. So whose are you and what determines whether or not you are kept or thrown? Are you His in LAMB's blood? Do you seek to please a Father who you have discover through the Son? Then you are a chosen and a heir apparent, congratulations!
Otherwise best consider your ways.
Don't you think?

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