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Potentiality and the Son of Perdition


Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mussolini, Sadam Housain, Osama ben Ladin, Yasar Arafat… names of infamy. Some more infamous than others; and all potential Antichrists.  In fact in their days they were considered Antichrists and the end was here and the preachers racked up the money and packed out the houses.

But we’re still here… aren’t we?

Now we have this fellow Javier Solano.  He is our next candidate for son of perdition potential antichrist material.   But as I drove from south Miami towards my Broward County home after quite the little church service and such God and I chatted about cabbages kings sealing wax and other such things ala Carole and Alice in wonderland or was that through the looking glass?  He made this sudden point.  Anti Christ wouldn’t be antichrist until Satan entered him and POSSESSED him or her….  Some folks think it might be Hilary Clinton.   (personally if it is her I really pity Satan because he is in for a major headache!) 

Antichrist isn’t about killing Jesus or eliminating Him from existence it’s merely about REPLACING HIM as the mogul to be worshipped!  Satan is about being THE GOD, the top dog, the top of the heap! Up there where only the Creator sits His royal behind!

Now Satan doesn’t have any major need to have an Antichrist on Earth until he no longer has his favorite access point… heaven and God’s face.  Revelation records the fall of the enemy and his posse at the hand of Michael.  Until that battle there is NO ANTICHRIST JUST POTENITAL CANDIDATES.

Now that said lets look at our recent candidate Solano.  Right now he is poised in political international position and influence.  He has carte blanch to military and political might.  Back in 95 he brokered a deal called Barcelona accord….  It promises to create a huge free trade zone in the Mediterranean and European blocks of nations.  It makes mention of the Asiatic block as a “player” in the financial scene as well.  Now apparently he is going to be funded for all his political retinue and such starting January 2007.  This is also when the next phase of the accord kicks in.  Now I don’t know about this but I have found out that the goal is this huge free trade zone by 2010.  Now if the gossip is correct and he has this little deal going on with Israel who is involved according to Wikpedia’s take on the Barcelona accords. Ehud Barak was in on that deal apparently.  So now then this deal is re-nogatiatable in three years….  Of course this all prophetic stuff ala Constance Cumby (Hidden Dangers Of the Rainbow an excellent read) but there may be some substance if the free trade zones do fall into place in2010 it will change the face of the financial and political scene.  It may also tip the scales of power. ( after all modern man runs on the money trail)  Could he be the Anti Christ?  Absolutely!  Is he right now?  Absolutely NOT.  The man Satan will inhabit is just as Judas Iscariot was in his day.  Alive and possibly in place to be able to wield great influence at the right time in the right place.  Heck, we may all be surprised and find out the person picked is the janitor in Solano’s office building!

I can say this because this is what I was told over and over by God.  2005 2006 and 2007 are turn point years.  2004 ended one “evolution” of the end time process. 2005 and 2006 like smaller cogs turning off each other spun by and then 2007 the next major cog in the clockworks of time starts the next “evolution” of this end time process. 

Rosh Ha Shannah is coming this coming month ( October) and right now is Teshuvah or the time to re-access your obediences and relationship position with God.  This New Year should be VERY interesting.

For what we are about to receive Lord of Hosts grant us the grace to be THANKFUL!

Grant us the grace for now to CONSIDER OUR WAYS

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