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Loyalties and Faith


What does loyalty have to do with faith, you may ask?  Faith is defined in Hebrews 11 and exemplified in the hall of faith.  But in my personal trial sof late I have come to understand that faith is a method of measuring loyalty to the throne.  Faith is the continuance of keeping a commitment in spite of the odds even if the results are never seen in ones life time.  All the hall of faith people were given a task and they were given specific instructions in some instances and in others just a word of promise that the will of God would be done.  Interestingly enough it is always about the will of God and what ever it took for the person or people to victoriously persue their part in it.  Only as long as they were in His will were they kept and in most cases l;ike kings!  Those who strayed as the Torah tells us not to payed dearly. 

But then faith is steadfast continuance oin the course set by God and the assurance of the things that are hoped for to complete the will of God, and an unshakabl;e evidence to the individual of the unseen things of the Kingdom.  I watch as my life continues in the miraculous, just when I think I will go under I make it through.  But the motive is loyalty to God and His Kingdom.  Paul was apprehended by the love of God to do what he did and was compelled by that self sanme love to a loyalty to the gospel that took him all over his known world and spread the miraculous.  

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