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To Be A Living Sacrifice


I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice Holy, acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service.

Present, offer, be a living sacrifice... it is your reasonable service, your spiritual worship, to hard to ask? (KJV NIV LB RVS)

I have had quite a time before my Beloved and as it came to a close, for the time being, I begin to be taught. He called to mind this scripture out of Romans 12:1 (He also went on to speak of 12:2 but lets begin at the beginning.)

Paul is trying very, very hard here to make a point one, which the early Christian, having the Old Testament before him, and having the Hebrews and apostles teachings circulated, understood. The idea of the sacrifice is known to the pagan man of the day for he sought always to please his gods and receive their favor. The Idea of the sacrifice unto the One true God is totally Jewish. Today however we have neither the need to please a god on an altar nor is there Temple and ceremony, at least not in most circles in America. So today, we miss the point entirely to a great degree, or at least I have.

Paul makes his cry by the mercies of God, which was a covenential idea for Paul. Who, having been trained and groomed for Sanhedrin work and therefore a student of the Law himself, understood that the mercies of God were invoked in the sacrifice. But my Beloved made a few observations, which I will pass on, to you. First all sacrifices are living until the priest slays them. Second, all sacrifices are handed over to the priest who inspects them for ceremonial perfection and announces their worthiness or lack thereof for the altar. Third, once deemed acceptable and the process of the offering begins the sacrifice is considered "holy". In fact because the item is "set aside" for the hand of the priest to be offered up to God it is by virtue of the "isolation for purpose" holy. In the Torah law, there are many such references to the idea of touching a sacrifice and becoming holy. As if to say the holiness of the item was TRANSMUTABLE. Lev. 6:18 concerning the grain offering that anyone or anything depending on translation that touches the grain offering will become holy. In Lev. 5 2-3 the opposite effect is spoken of concerning the touching of something deemed ceremonially unclean, like something dead. The guilt will be levied on the individual even if they are unaware that this has happened, or in the case of bodily fluids, still the person is "deemed as unclean". In Ex 40:1, another, even more interesting, idea arises that upon reconstruction of tabernacle in a new place. Once the oil has been properly applied in the correct fashion to all the vessels and instrument and items in the tabernacle these things WILL BECOME HOLY. The ideology of the statement that the anointing break the yoke begins to make sense here.

Fourth, once the sacrifice is pronounced acceptable by the priest it is automatically acceptable to God, as long as the priest is acceptable and not lying to you. In other words if the proper priest of Gods favor accepts your sacrifice as acceptable offering material God ACCEPTS IT TOO!

The second verse of Romans 12 reads and be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may be able to prove what is the good acceptable and perfect will of God.

The second verse tells us to offer ourselves up, renew the mind. Once the mind is renewed, the body becomes eligible to be a holy sacrifice unto God. The renewed mind will be able to prove (KJV RSV) or test and approve (NIV) the good acceptable and perfect will of God. Now I needed not that He should teach me again concerning this for He has spoken long since. However the idea of testing and approving the "will" of God brings to mind the little litmus test of the spirits as found in 1Jn 4: 1-3. The renewed mind will be enabled to "know" the difference, but then again this has also been called the ability to "discern".

Now the will of God as He has taught, is simply this;

The Good will is what governs the universe the times the seasons it causes the rain and sun to fall on both the just and the unjust. It is inexorable like the axe laid to the root of the tree of the heart and its motivations and hidden defects and sins. Conscience screams under the good will for it can never measure up.

Then comes the acceptable will as found in the will of redemption on Calvary. Thought the one hung from the tree is cursed yet for our sakes He hangs none the less, that we may be made "acceptable" to Father. All things that the covenant blood of Calvary is applied to become acceptable unto God. But wait, isn't that what we were to be; unto God a living bodily sacrifice? Wasn't it also pointed out here that once the priest accepts the sacrifice God accepts the sacrifice? Ahhh so it was, for the priest in this case is none other than the redeemer Himself whose own blood causes the sacrifice to be acceptable. Because it becomes holy!

Finally, the perfect will of God and here is the scripture speaking about the one who is led of the Spirit. Romans 8:14 tells us that as many as are led of the Spirit they are the sons of God. Nothing could be more perfect could it?

If we walk after the spirit says Paul, we don't fulfill the lusts of the flesh.

Now Linda the Beguine spoke of the spirit soul and body involvement and yielding unto God. That God may be Lord of all. It was after my time with my Beloved that he brought this back to mind. The allowance of God to be lord and to move not only on the spirit but on the mind and the body as He wills is the process of both renewal and sacrificial offering.

The mental renewal happens two ways, first in the reading, digestion, and application of scripture, second in the experience of the person of the Word of whom scripture speaks. The first is knowledge the second is wisdom.

The physical renewal is done in the same manner. By physically living out the scriptural laws and principles. Here both the good acceptable and perfect wills of God come into play. Finally, the physical experience of the life of God and the life lived in the Spirit unto God, which again call into play the good acceptable and perfect wills of God.

Again, the one is knowledge. The other is wisdom. All this starts with a soul fear and physical fear, awe, and reverence of God on the instinctive level as imparted unto the souls and body from the transformed spirit, which is already offered unto God an acceptable. Remember the body will also be made acceptable when the "change" of 2Thess 5 takes place.

All of this by the way, is the reasonable service or spiritual worship of man to God.

Think about it.

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