Daughter of Zion Eternally Presents

Lagrima   Cry

Lagrima is a the Spanish word for cry or weep

Weep for the Lord

Because of the precious sacrifice

Weep for the Lord

Because the people do not want Him


Now ordinarily one might weep for fallen humanity.  But those weren’t the tears I cried as I watched with the Lord for several hours last night.  What was so special about last night?  Yom Kippur began at sundown last night our time.  I asked a lady at the prompting of the Lord did she know Jesus?  The woman couldn’t look at me but she was not interested, I told her that was a shame, she agreed but WAS NOT convicted.  I had begun to feel heavy in my spirit after our regular Sunday services, a heavy I could not explain till I looked into the face of my Beloved.  There is a brother who once wrote of the weeping of the Holy Spirit and the Wrath of the Lamb, he wasn’t wrong, the Spirit has wept through me, and the Lambs anger burned.  Why?  For the lost?  No we told the lost about Jesus, in fact here in this country we have something called Christian television to tell the people 24/7!  They have heard too much about Jesus.  So they could care less.  But what about the church, those who name the Name?  So many have a form of Godliness but deny the power thereof.  So many have a religious piety but no actual clue as to the Living Waters Flowing to borrow from a e-group saying, they have never truly drunk or tended to that flow of the Holy Spirit.  These are not the lovers of God but they sure can serve, they can witness, they can prophecy, they can… whatever, but an unorganized intimate love relationship to God?  Not on the docket, not in the schedule, not in the worship service itinerary.  Therefore not in the life either. 


Those were His words to the disciples as they slept.  They slept because His departure was a heavy thing, but they were only thinking of themselves.  As all this weeping deep within took place I was struck and voiced the oddest thought.  I wanted to take the Lord of Glory into MY ARMS and kiss His pain away!  Preposterous!  Maybe, but that’s how I reacted to the weeping of the Spirit.  Sad to say I have little idea of the detailed going on in Jerusalem at this hour, I do know they are ever causing the sons of Israel to compromise the land which is the Kings, and I do know that war ever ravages the people and that the voice of the bride and her groom are not heard loudly or joyfully right now.  I also know that the world has well crept in especially the perversions of the world in the Holy City.  I also know how furious the Lamb is about it all.  But this was a storm, and I do mean storm like the perfect tidal wave upturning my little sea canoe, the weeping and the wrath was a storm!  I lay lending myself to it all and it was brutal!  I finally was made to stop watching because He felt it to be too much for me… yet as I rise now, the tender sorrow still remains. 


None righteous no not one and yet they think they are going to be all right in the morning of their eternity!

Cry for the precious blood spilt cry for the pain He went through for me and for you and for them all

Cry because of all the gestalt of humanity so few will actually populate the Kings nuptials and reign in His kingdom.

Cry because at least here in this nation it is possible that by and large the sacrifice was wasted on us all!

Oh certainly we are saved but who on earth in their right mind would care enough about the Lord of Glory to want to weep for His pain or have the audacity to think they might want to give succor to Him on this time when He remembers the cross and the souls who reject it.  Past present and future.

You see dears Yom Kippur is all about the covering over of the sins the transgressions the shortfalls and missing of the will of God in obedience the iniquitous bent of the heart or as the Jews say, the evil inclinations of the heart.  But the souls who reject this precious cover will naked stand in the blast furnaces of judgment and hear sentence passed for all eternity as the eternal timeless moment goes on and on and on outside of time and space in that unholy place….  They could have been spared but they chose not the cross to receive, to bear, to die upon, and live in the shadow of, and they lost something even more precious than that…  The Love of God. 

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