Daughter of Zion Eternally Presents


From my log dated 5/28/98

I have spent most of the day with him. Beautiful and terrible is He. When the Scriptures speak of the Lord as the light of the world and that God is light they aint whistling dixie!

As I lay saturated in His presence, in His Spirit I saw... and I finally understood the language John used in Revelation.
John described the Father as like jasper and sardonyx. A white and red stone, so what was the Father a rock? No. He is light, it emmenates from Him yet there is also the aspect of the Blood which lends a peculiar color to the purity of the light like an obscuring between Him and us.... and they say love blinds.
His body as it were is like a clear glass containing for its fluid, light. Not just a light bulb but a light more blinding than the sun! He is bigger than the mountain ranges wider than Texas higher than Everest ......
He fills the vastness of the universe literally! My mind strained to begin to comprehend what I saw. If anyone says a man cannot literally become drunk from the sheer intensity of His person and overwhelming sweetness and awesomeness they are a fool! Though I gather I was not drunk, per say, I was behaving like it..... He burns with a fervent heat and at certain points I had to get up do something even eat... by his bidding not mine, man I was having to much fun! Then it happened and I saw the place where we will all go someday soon. A place of lights, flashing colors like sparkling diamonds, laser like in intensity. Or like gem stones incandescently beautiful... shimmering paths of clear glass but light like clear gold. In a flash of sudden insight I knew why gold was used in the earthly temple... 1) it is the closest proximation in color to pure light and 2) if the light catches it just so the shine is blinding as it glints in full sunlight. Every color of the rainbow was there and there was the covering of souls surrounding the throne refracting his Glory..... Silver too will bling but not like gold and it is a much lighter metal and not as valuable or pure..... Everything in the temple is fashioned as it were of pure light or rather looks like glass filled with light as a substance. It radiates and refracts it looks impossibly as if it were made of solid light! The ark is made of such light and yes I saw it too and touched it at his bidding. I was told to wait and write down what I had already seen before I ever touched it though so as I returned I saw first the flooring. It is made of millions of dots or stones of light though it is smooth as glass. It sparkles like diamonds and dazzles the eye, all this takes the breath away.

The ark. Its not like the one on earth where the lid has the cherubim..... No it is a rectangular bar of light guarded by these two giant cherubs that hold it. (see what I mean by its not like the one on earth?) To touch it when it is white with light is to encounter and suddenly so the most intense purity there is. It is so much so that the human body can only stand it for a mere moment and that as a mortal bound up in Jesus! I curled away from it and cried out or rather sort of strangled on it ... Sort of straining gnats and swallowing camels... When I came back to it the bar was red and he bade me touch it again this time the flood of the beloved bringing with it every imaginable type of love from comforts to communion to joy even ecstacy it overwhelmed me. At this point I went somewhere else and it was not pleasant .

Hell is a dark dusty room as heaven is a sparkling jewel of light, it is pitch black except for a single shaft of pure light from heaven that noone ever approaches... Presumably this reminds them what they could have had if only...... and there are tormenters there. They tease enflame the myriad lusts and desires of the carnality of the souls. Without Christ the desires become a burning "pain" a gnawing want teased and egged on by the captors. One quickly loses ones mind in this place! He yanked me out fast as I curled into ball and rolled on the bed though seeing only in Spirit touched by its madness. The madness of the soul and the place where God sheds none of Himself save that single brilliant shaft of light. Which oddly enough stands out in the darkness but lights no more than itself and the strict area it occupies for all around it is as black as anywhere else there......

Go figure .... Earths things dont work like that in either heaven or hell where a shaft of light would light the room some what but not this. Not there.

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