Daughter of Zion Eternally Presents


Tonight I had a woman and a man come across my register at the 7-11 where I work .I shook as I handed back the change, because of her pain. I began to note the same pain in other customers all masked by something. Be it liquor, a good time, money, candy, the significant other, the list goes on and on but it made no difference for the pain was still there. I sensed that I stood in heaven on earth as I whispered a prayer in His ear for the lady and then for all the others. I wonder do I feel their pain because I wrestle with those self -same demons from without that have them bound from within? I want to cry for them, but I cannot. Neither can I truly testify on this job, yet even were I to they would not hear of it. You see the worst pain of all is the lie "I’m OK" When in reality their souls scream for purpose, love, security, and a true sense of belonging that can only be found in Christ.



It seems the whole Earth is full of the lie that it belongs to one other than the God who made it. And we are OK in our own private little hells. We, who have not Christ, and consequently have no hope. But now don’t let them speak the Name for then the lies would become clear and we wouldn’t want that would we?



As they grow they appear to either become jaded and sad or part of the problem on the streets. Those who have morals often don’t really know why they have morals, and so aimlessly wander through life. Others simply become as pack hunters denizens of the night shunning the light.

Think about it.

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