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Fathers of the House


Where are the Father's who were raised in the Master's house trained by The Father to serve and protect?! There are not many fathers so there is Disorder in the body of Christ. Fathers are trained at The Father's side to know His ways, discern His presence and doings, and obey His will His way! Fathers are to pour of that "knowledge" into sons who in turn become Fathers and beget more sons! A father after he has poured of his own understanding received of The Father he brings the son to The Father to be trained in His house! It's the father's in every house or church locally that will ensure the correct order in each house and until that day comes, the prophets will stumble!

I am a member of a church via Internet and she is my "net pastor" I give her, her rightful double honor due and her husband his rightful allegiance in Christ! Now I am also a member of a local body in "reality" and oddly enough, they are husband wife apostle prophetess/pastor. Now I see these two "flow" in writing. Then I watch my other pastor and her husbands flow in my church. Believe me when I say there is plenty anointing and as God leads them both into His order of things and requisite changes from what has been to what is to come I see the changes takes place effortlessly. Why is that? There is a Father trained in The Father's house in this house! You see the stumble of the prophet is presumption. But the fathers trained The Father's house have the same disposition of Moses which is meekness. Meekness real meekness of accessibility and love that is open and stern but kind and gentle in a manner that makes you fear respect and adore the person (a dangerous risk for the individual to be sure) all at once! I know because that is my reaction to my apostle.

In the lives of the prophets there must be an Apostle to whom they are subject! For these are sons and they need fathers. Somewhere in each prophets or prophetesses life there must an apostle to whom they may be accountable! Accountability to The Father is not enough! I am a prophetess as witness by others so I merely state what I am told. But before submitting to the my online pastors, I was "out there" with no father. Fathers are necessary for another reason. Authority to care for and Power to protect. You see apostolic authority is absolute authority! There is none higher except the head apostle, which is Jesus Himself! Their authority is in His name and they have been slain for the preparation to this task! You don't want to know the rejection and misery that apostles go through... yet they come to posses an unquenchable joy on account of their sorrow! Because they have suffered with him or endured because of Him, they rule with Him or in the authority of His name. But their authority in the suffrage has become tempered by and meekened in HIS ABSOLUTE LOVE! They posses the Love of God in them bodily which makes them unique and stands them out on point to be attacked and destroyed! His joy in them is their source of strength to survive the battle ... if it diminishes they die! Presumption is the number one killer of Fathers because their children, shepherds, and sheep cared not for them in prayer of intercession and spoke against them instead of committing them to God their Father! Prophets as sons are fated to the same attacks so folks if you realize you have a father or a son love and encircle them in intercession and render the double honor to them your ministers!

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