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Husbands love your wives just as Jesus loved the church and gave himself up for that He might present her on that day to the Father without spot or wrinkle and let the wife see that she respect her husband.

These are words we hear over and over again. We hear them until we become dull of hearing them never truly understanding what they mean. The husband's role is defined like as unto Jesus. He is told to exhibit the type of love that Jesus did for us all. He is told in essence to be the "Jesus" to his wife. Jesus is both savior and Lord. One radio preacher put it that the husband must become the Mr. Fixit to all that his wife needs and lover her unconditionally and patiently until she becomes the woman he wants to be with for life. We the church came to Jesus with all our garbage and baggage and Jesus became the "fixer" of all our failures and loves us until we become the "bride" He wants to present to His Father.

All of this is well and good and makes a dandy sermon for the man but I speak to you ladies today. In 1st Corinthians 11 there is a divine order before us and it goes like this:

God is the Head of Jesus who is the Head of man who is the head of woman.

So ladies within your home you have a "Jesus" a representative of Jesus who, whether or not he is obedient to the WORD is still by divine right of Holy Matrimony the representative "Christ" in the house. Everything you do to him you do to Christ! Everything! Therefore, it is written by Peter that Sarah called Abraham lord. It is written that we are to display this respectful and chaste behavior before our Husbands and that in this "witness" we increase the possibility of making them obedient to the WORD without ever having to say a word!

This point was indelibly illustrated to me this past Sabbath. Jesus and I went to synagogue and it became a date. This is a messianic synagogue so they worship with song and dance the LORD. I felt like I had been to the cafe Yeshua with the live band and the speaker and the fine wine of His love and all that. I even was treated to a message therapy session afterwards! Now when I got home, I had a representative Jesus awaiting me. I was unaware of this at the time for I saw just my "ol' man". Yet I was in the mood to love Jesus and in a manner that would entail the Song of Songs where the Shulamite says to Solomon that she wants to "give him her love where the mandrakes bloom". Jesus floored me with a concept, I could love Him in loving my husband physically... and that my dear friends made all the difference in the world!

Since that hour, I have begun to understand that the true measure of my devotion to Jesus will be shown by the measure of my treatment of my husband! This is the meaning behind those scriptures

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