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It has been said that God is threefold. Who He was who He is and who He will be. For an unchanging God this is a mote point because He is who He has always been and always will be, and that’s fine for God. Man is not so rock solid and unmoved to change by the hands and often ravages of time. He was when he was young, he is as he is at this moment in time and he is becoming what he will be when he is old. Or perhaps the word instead of old should be mature. We as finite beings live in linear time but our existence is in the now the moment, and the process of live moulds and shapes us into whatever god we serve may wish us to be. Now to serve the god of this world the would be pretender to the throne of the Ancient of days is to be in the process of being torn down and left for dead spiritually mentally and finally physically. But to serve the God whose domain includes all the worlds of the universe and infinitely more is perhaps still to be in the process of being torn down but not abandoned not left to rot, for there is hope of being rebuilt into a glorious future. Yet in this moment of our lives we must deal with the process. I am a mother of two who is a senior in college four days a week and an employee of Southland Corp (7-11) three nights a week on the grave yard shift. I have discovered to my horror that the grave-yard shift is aptly named, for if you have not the stamina or an outside source on which to rely it will flat kill you in no time! This is the shift God chose because it acts as a wrecking ball on mind will emotions character and body. Perhaps not even the spirit of the man is spared. Tonight I got a customer who encouraged me to smile who tried to get me to "lighten up", I was light enough already, light as in light headed with the need to sleep! I asked him if he’d ever worked grave yard and he said yes, to which I replied well this is what I was doing and I had not achieved the six months adjustment time yet. He might well have been sympathetic but after he left I went into the dry storage room back of the store and in shock knelt before the Lord. I had just uncivilly let that customer have between the eyes with both barrels of my emotional shotgun and I was stunned! I sometimes have the proverbial donkeys behind type customer who has usually had a drop or toke or shot to many, and to them I MUST stand my ground, but to tell a normal inoffensive person off? No never! The Lord never condemned though He did agree I WAS in the wrong there. Then He said as I asked to "help me not to do that again", He said "You cant do anything here, this is a process and a process does unto you!" "You can either endure the process and work with it or quit and walk away". It is then that I realized what was happening, and the words of a dear sweet lady who has been through this process came back to me. She had told me the grave yard shift would cause every flaw in the person to be exposed because of the enormous stress of the time shifts, and to have to switch from day to night and back again well that’s just added pressure.

God uses the process of the now to cause us to become what we will be on the day we join Him in union for eternity.

Something to think about.

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