This is a picture of the Cross in the predawn on a green hill casting a shadow which becomes a sword with rose and lily on the hilt driven into a pentegram with a bridal trane and it shimmers.

The Bride

Beautiful as the sun and the moon
Terrible as a vast army


The opening of this site previews a picture. It is a concept picture of the dual nature of the bride who is the Rose and the Lily.  She is also the soft and gentle Bride and the Dread Warrior.

She is also called
a Daughter of Zion


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Welcome to

Daughter of Zion Eternally

It is dedicated to the cause of the Gospel and to the needs of those who mourn in Zion.Is this a Jewish site? Maybe. Is this a Christian site? Obviously. But most importantly this is a Bridal Site. The author (a Daughter Of Zion aka The Site Servant) of the content is still learning. So as I learn there will be improvements.Additionally, some of the text from scripture utilizes language that may not be acceptable to some filters. Items such as the Song of Solomon, which speaks, of body parts in analogy may trigger certain filters and disable access to the site. I can't change the scriptures folks but the filters can be disabled. It is however my wish that young adults and children not read the segment on Song of Songs without an adult present as there is a lot of commentary and it may become confusing.So come and enjoy the menu of what I dearly hope will be food for the soul of a bride.

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"Come Let us go up to the Mountain of the LORD and to the house of the God of Jacob, that He may teach us about His ways and that we may walk in His paths."

For from will go forth the Law, even the Word of the LORD from Jerusalem These are Kingdom Things Open the book.

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For THE Testimony Of Jesus Christ is the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY
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Do you want to know a little more about the Last Book of the Bible? Come look at this Blog lastbookofthebible.

You would not believe what the world can survive and you would not believe what could drive nations to follow a nightmare. Do you truly know who the antichrist really is? Did you know there is more than one Beast? Check it out.

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JFK gave this little speech on secret societies way back when and asked for our help in exposing them.... its on you tube honestly.
Well in light of current events or silence, which ever way you choose to think on it, and the pressing sense that God is taking us into the day of the Lord by increasing the darkness in response to a harlot bride and a planet that seems to not want His presence anymore by and large, it seems I have placed on the conspriratorial bandwagon. Now I DO see a conspiracy alright but we did it in our heart's idols and our societal slumping of mores and ethics. So this Daughter of Zion Eternally takes a look into it and proposes a move to educate our people so we will be enabled and empowered to RESIST the REGIME of AntiChrist .... if there is no rapture first after all and when it comes.In a time where the order of the day is to among other things kill the Christians, we the People of the Most High by Christ's Blood must unite and STAND in the Light against THE DARKNESS.

Folks the study is done and online and there IS a link between the witches warlocks crystal gazers shamans yogis and all who partake in the New Age Movement which thanks to one Helena Blavatsky has a "secret doctrine" and is (though this might be news to the majority of New Age devotees) hence a RELIGION. Its marriage of all things mystical from all the major and even some of the minor religions of the world (yes even Christendom and scripture) is a way of thinking and the drving mechanism behind the New World Order. Something now openly espoused as NEEDED in these TROUBLED TIMES. The waters of the times and seasons are being troubled ... by God. He is doing it for a reason. He is preparing His return and is looking for a Holy Bride and People to call His Son.This is one of the precepts behind OSOL which is now online so come and see.

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